So, today I picked up the Alice & Olivia black bell-sleeve sweater, and also -- because non-knit cold-weather tops are also on my list -- a creamy white Equipment blouse with an anchor print (so hard to get the New England out of the girl).

And now, my transitional shopping is DONE. Everything else I have been eyeing has to wait -- no corduroys, no JCrew pointy pumps, nothing else -- for a while. My budget is used up until late October, although my birthday is in early October, so I may go for a special knit then (I'm looking at you, CM olive sweater!). Or not, I don't really know.

Looking over the haul (below) of purchases from the last couple of months (not including summer vacation items), I am really happy with what I've got for the fall. There is a nice mix of casual, professional, and dressy enough. And several of these items (the JCrew blazer, the AG jeans, the NAS items, the A&O sweater) I got on deep discount -- so the outlay was much less than it looks like. In fact, the Equipment blouse was the only item I paid full price for.

My plan for the next 8 weeks is 3-fold. I don't have any travel in this period, so I should be able to do this, right? 1: Use my closet with intention. 2: Take a lesson from Lisap and re-establish my fitness routine with yoga and barre, both of which I desperately need. And 3: work creativity into my routine as a regular thing. (I have two artistic/creative endeavors that I really want to explore more fully, but I must make time for them.)

This declaration is to help keep me honest. I don't want to go over my annual budget, and I do want to get these other things in their rightful place in my life. I'll still be on YLF, with WIWs and comments, and I look forward to it! Just wanted to actually declare my intentions, for myself as much as anything.