Beautiful colours, lovely pieces. Enjoy wearing them all : )

Seeing them all together, I'd say you are incredibly consistent in your choices --- creating a harmonious and interesting color palette, and varied, but not hodpodge, silhouettes. Every item is beautiful and updated, without resorting to fleeting trendiness. My only question is: Do you have enough casual pieces for your lifestyle? The answer may well be yes, I just don't know what your work situation is, or how your "environmental norm" plays out.

Beth Ann that is a very pertinent question. The answer is yes as far as I understand casual.
I would wear any of these items for my MOTG life within the right combination of clothes.
My actual t-shirts don't get a lot of use, most of them I use as an under layer. For more extreme casual situations,as in going to the zoo kind of thing, I have enough to accommodate the number of times they happen.

Late to the party, but wanted to say how gorgeous your new things are. Can't wait to see them on - and super fun that you met Inge too.