I have a problem. YLF has trained my wardrobe eye to the point where my success ratio in online ordering is too successful for my budget.

I received my first "midnight order" shipment today. Out of 8 items, I want to keep 6. The second "midnight order" shipment arrives tomorrow. If I want to keep anything out of that lot, I'll be through my budget for the year. Eek!

Apologies for not having modeling photos yet, but here are the keeps:

1) Aquatalia Riley booties in grey suede. I probably have the only 8.5W pair they made. Super comfortable.
2) Paige Plaid Jeans. I need to rebuy in a size up, but love the style.
3) Karen Kane Tunic Top in Navy.

I tried on 1-3 together and it made a perfect going out outfit. The spouse liked it too.

4) Equipment Reese Plaid shirt. It looks rugged from far away (spouse said it reminded him of a lumberjack) but it's not because it's silk. I plan to pair this with black skinnies and hot pink sandals to pick up the pink streak.

5) Rag and Bone Olive jacket. Iffy on this one because it is too tight when buttoned. It looks fabulous open, which is how I would wear it anyway.

6) Zella capris. Already owned these in purple, now just adding the blue.

Rejected (not attached as finds):
Paige Liam Moto Skinny Jeans in grey (did not like color)
Zella Live In Colorblock Capris in teal (striations in color visually widened leg - so unflattering)

I'll update the thread again when the second shipment arrives. And I'll be placing a third order when Angie's picks come out.