Per my personal parameters, I added a swim short and a rash guard for a trip we have coming up next month. I feel bad ending my own challenge early, but work is sidetracking me. And, while I won't be shopping for the next few days, I did want to put down my thoughts while they are still fresh.

I spent time on Sunday looking back on my WIWs, and notes. I
re-organized my closet (again), this time accounting for season of USE -
not when an item COULD be worn, but when I ACTUALLY wear it. I am a little surprised that it's been two years since I moved from SF, but my wardrobe is still not quite balanced for the climate here:

- Less than 1/3 of my wardrobe are pieces I would wear when it's truly cold. Given that winter is about half the year here, I will focus my shopping efforts on winter-specific pieces with a focus on warmth. I
have started a wishlist of potential additions with finds below.

- less than 5% of my wardrobe is high/hot summer pieces, excluding jeans and graphic tees. I will make a point to build one capsule of summer separates that do not include jeans. I already have chinos, a linen skirt, and sandals, so maybe adding a pair of pants and couple of breezy tops would be plenty.

- I will carefully edit or store my transitional items and make a point to NOT add any more.

- My preferred winter bottoms are jeans, so I can expand my color palette on top. I want to add a couple of sweaters in brighter colors - maybe tomato red, lilac, or turquoise.

My wardrobe goals for 2020 are:
- Stick to my wishlist FIRST unless I am doing a 1:1 replacement for essentials that are worn out, or don't fit.
- Look for upgraded versions of my favorite essentials (green and camel pullovers); maybe one more pair of warm winter footwear
- Consider color variety in tops that will be worn with jeans
- Continue to push myself to wear the unworn
- Work on achieving
of too sloppy/too dressy by playing with silhouettes and juxtapositions of fitted+flowy,
tailored+relaxed, and making more effort to use my accessories.

- (1-2) updated green and camel pullovers
- (1) updated winter slippers (1)
- (1-2) winter sweaters in fun colors (maybe tomato red, lilac, or turquoise?)
- (1-2) flowy summer-weight tops in natural fabric
- (1) pair of summer pants that aren't denim
- (1) heavy, non-puffer coat (long wool? aviator?)

Forbidden List:
- no grey
- no graphic tees
- no skirts
- no transitional weather pieces

Potential additions: