November's SYC challenge started off well. We had mild temperatures which helped simplify outfits, and I was able to stick to my usual fall "uniform": jeans, boots, base layer+pullover, scarf. I didn't take any WIW photos, but took photos of the outfits (happy to post if anyone wants to see them). Overall, I was happy with how everything came together. THEN, we got a last-minute invitation to a Bar Mitzvah at a conservative temple. (Well, the invitation came a couple of months ago, but MrNemosmom forgot about it until the day before the event. But, that is another story...)

I thought finding an appropriate outfit in my closet would be simple. After all, I had just completed a successful (in my mind) edit and I had MORE than enough clothes to get me through until Spring. I couldn't have been MORE wrong!

For the event, the weather was supposed to be cold (30's) and it snowed that morning. I needed an outfit that was modest enough for the service, yet festive enough for the after-party. I opted for black slim fit boot cut trousers and a Nanette Lepore sparkly burgundy sweater with bell sleeves, burgundy suede pump and burgundy wool coat. Well, when I put them together, I discovered the body-con fit of the sweater was too similar to the slim fit of the pant and I felt like a sausage (likely looked like one, too). I went through my blouses and festive-ish sweaters and couldn't find one that was flowy enough to balance out the pants. So, I went through blazers thinking I could widen the look with one. This put me back to square one with tops - turns out, NONE of my pullovers or sparkly sweaters are thin enough to fit under ANY of my blazers, and only two of my blouses go with any of them. (I bought all of my toppers when I was in SF and until now, had only paired them with tshirts and thin tops). I finally found a blouse that worked well enough with the pants (a sheer button up, with a cardi) and one blazer (hey, it's only for one night and I have a coat, right?!)

I thought I was settled, until it was time to leave. I put on my coat (which I JUST bought in August) only to discover that it is TOO SMALL to wear over a blazer *facepalm*. I cried a little, cursed a lot and ended up ditching the coat altogether. In my sheer top and blazer, I was freezing en route to the venue and sweating once I got there. Plus, I looked more like I was going to a convention than a celebration.

This exercise in outfit creation was very educational, but it left me feeling pretty defeated and doubting a lot of the pieces I held on to during my edit. Yes things fit (I think...), and yes I love them, but what to do with them?? I think I am squared away for my day-to-day uniform, but clearly, my special occasion capsule, (or really any occasion that doesn't permit jeans) still needs a LOT of work. I will try to find the courage to post an outfit lab or two - maybe you can help me sort this out...