The Docs were an impulse purchase. I don't like to wear all solids, keeping in mind Angie's Color-Pattern-Texture-Shine, and lace-up footwear works best for me. In semi-defense, my pewter combat boots have started to peel, but I can't bear to part with them since I've hardly worn them but I will probably have to do so at the end of the season if even a casual observer can tell they are peeling. So, semi one in, one out.

I really did need a pair of dress shoes for the two or three weddings I will be attending. And I had to admit that my Topshop silver pumps will always hurt me over my bunion, and my oh so comfortable Sole Society pumps are really trashed and I should be embarrassed to wear them. So I got the silver Naturalizers and don't feel very guilty about the purchase.

I think I do better with cutting back in a big way and being more mindful than completely eliminating shopping.