What are the best things you brought back into rotation last year, after not wearing them for a long time?

I have a large wardrobe, as I tend to keep things for a long time. I don’t usually have it all in my closet at once—some might be stored elsewhere in my home, or at my parents’ or in a storage locker (rarely). So when I see a trend or want to emulate a look, my first thought is to shop my “closet”, where ever that may be.

These are things I brought (back) into rotation last year:

6 & find: a purple mini bought in the 90s. I could never figure out how to wear it then, but it is suddenly my new best friend.

4: a Coldwater Creek dress also from the 90s, worn for my son’s first grade induction and then never again—until last year, when I wore it a bunch. It’s just so easy to slip on!

2 & 8 Suede jacket from Esprit outlet in the 90s not worn much at all (it was too small when I lived in Florida) but now suddenly is just the thing for a skort bought ~8 years ago to encourage myself to lose weight, a pair of pants purchased 3 years ago that were too small at first, and many other things.

Find: JGHook parka worn frequently in the 90s-00s, and again this winter.

9 & 10 Levi’s 501s. Right now they are awaiting embroidery to repair hole in the seat, but when I got back into them, I loved wearing them. They just work with so many things.

6 & 9 Paisley button-front shirt with mattress ticking details felt too busy before. I often tried to wear it as a topper but the cut just isn’t right. Last year I started wearing it as intended, buttoned, and it is great.

5 Caftans, one purple, one black, given to me by a friend in Tanzania. Worn frequently until 2010, rediscovered last year, and once again worn at home frequently.

1 & 11 Jumpsuit just waiting for the 90s to return.

Find: JPetermann skirt that was too small to too dressy or too something, but is just right now. Was in my closet NWT last year.

3 Plaid flannel baseball jacket bought with matching pants in the late 80s. Haven’t worn the pants this time around.

7 Sundress bought while in Honolulu for a conference in 1996. Was too small during the years we lived in Florida, but I love the way it says “summer”.

This list makes it seem like the 90s were my decade, but I think what was really happening is that I spent 2 decades trying to fit into different ideas of what I “ought” to wear, and am now just being me again.

What about you? What have you enjoyed getting back out and wearing again? Do you wear it the same way you used to?

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