Total '70s flashback on #4 (in a good way!). Picture it reversible with light-wash denim and red topstitching on one side; bright blue bandana print with oversized white rick-rack trim on the other. Thanks for the *smile*. Have a nice day

Vildy: Vogue 8956! (Sorry I took DS to the Lego movie and then the Lego store....."Everything is Awesome..........").

E: Thanks for sharing your plans and the link to Colette's patterns. Chambray is such a chameleon fabric and can be styled so many ways!

Celia: You are so right than many skirts hit at odd spots on the waist. I must remember to cut generously so I can make small adjustments if needed!

#2 and #5 get my vote for your style and body type, Beth Ann. Go Team Fun Full Midi Skirts. LOVE. Can't wait to see your masterpiece. xo

Thanks for your input, Angie! I value your keen eye. I'm going to be downtown tomorrow (Chicago --- brrrrrr. I've never seen this much ice on the lake). I may try to walk up to Nordies and try on some of your pics!

2 and 5 seem to be the favorites!

Beth Ann - they say Superior is completely frozen -- the first time in recorded history? I don't know if it is true, but if so, we are in for a very cold summer. I do know Ontario is a completely iced.

Smiling smugly because Angie chose the same patterns for you as I did. Ha!