Angie's post reminded me that I never wrote about my swim haul! This is just the recent buys, I have other swim stuff too.

The Fails:
Pembrooke Active Back swimsuit- it has a very wide, square neckline. Just too bare for my preference.
Sporti goggles- leaked :/

The Successes:
Pembrooke Cross Back swimsuit- a repeat buy. Really hoping it returns again in the teal in the D cup size. Old one still looks ok on the outside- Does Not Fade- but the liner isn't great anymore.
Sporti swim cap- Much less uncomfortable and fussy than my old one!

So Far So Good:
Dolfin Aquashape Rashguard- a duplicate, this time in navy. The thread faded already, but the fabric itself is fine. I overdyed my older black one, and the color did dye the thread, but haven't tested it in the pool to see if it will stay.

Dolfin Hi Waist Bikini Bottom- didn't fade yet, but just used once so far under the mermaid tail. Replacing Knix bikini bottom which faded quickly.