I’m other news , I feel like I can find something wrong with every sweater I see - on line or in person : V necks are too low , sleeves are not set in and will make me look bulky , yarn is too thick , too thin , no to turtlenecks , etc etc etc . Perhaps I should just wear $25 Gap sweatshirts instead

I had trouble with the website, with same error message. It turns out that my autofill didn’t specify country in the line above. Once I entered country all was well.

@LIsa I just put my order through and it was fine. Maybe not entering dashes in the phone number? Just a thought before you give up...

Lisa, I'm having the same issue of pickiness! It's like, oh what a pretty color scheme...but it's ribbed, which I don't do anymore. Or a turtleneck, ditto. Or it's super cropped. Or I find a style I really like but it's only available in black (which I probably have enough of), navy, and gray. Or yellow and blush pink. Feh. Gimme some pretty deep greens, or a nice burgundy.

I've been loving Simons for sweaters lately...free returns in Canada so thats a win!


I stay away from their Twik line, its more junior but Icone amd Contomporaine have some great options at various price points.

Also I TOTALLY agree - why is finding sweaters so frustrating? I immediately rule out boat necks, sleeves that are not inset, boxy fits, dropped shoulders, wide sleeves... Basically anything that looks sloppy on me. That rules out 90% of what's out there... Before I even think about quality!

Another vote for Simons. Like Neelie, I’ve had good success with their very affordable house brand, Contemporaine, plus Simons carries selected items from bridge labels like Vince and Theory, as well as pieces from Canadian and international designers like Judith and Charles, Smythe, Kenzo, Marni, and a host of others. Lots of cinnamon, deep greens, and burgundies in their current inventory.

Here’s a sample of their current look books:

Best of all, prices in Canadian dollars, free shipping and returns, and fast service.

Lisa...I remember having trouble with my phone # when I first registered with Massimo Dutti....and yes, it was frustrating. Can't remember what finally worked but I'm certain you'll figure it out.

And yes to always finding something wrong with sweaters. I checked out the silk/wool v-necks at MD today. Lovely, but way too long for me. ***sigh***. They didn't have the cardigan I wanted to see. I like to be able to see things before I buy. The buy/return cycle is exhausting and a bit demoralizing. I prefer v-necks but keep ending up with crew necks because those are what I find in the colours and fits that work for me. Yep, frustrating!

Roxanne - Fun! I’m holding thumbs for those turtlenecks:-)
Marilyn - I really like the look of that cardigan too. So sorry it wasn’t in the store. And bummer about those V-necks:-((
Toban - Oh yes, I love that ocean colour!
Lisa - I hope you got it sorted out?

I also find wool to be super itchy. I’ve had a couple of Eileen Fisher tencel/lyocell sweaters for a few years now and they still look good (I size down and they’re still flowy). On the lower end I’m pretty happy with my Gibson fleece sweaters. Their innate texture is kind of pill-y so it just looks intentional. Both types are supremely comfy.

It's interesting - reading all of the brand suggestions as well as everyones' experiences with knitwear. After fussing around on the MD website, I decided I have knitwear fatigue already and am going to sit on this for awhile. I'm going to go lower-end , and wear fewer pieces and more often. I like to refresh my sweaters pretty often, and it made me realize having too many sitting around is not a good idea. I do love the luxury of a cashmere sweater, and if the right one in the right colour (rose or teal or rust) comes along , that I *will* buy, but other than that I'm now sitting tight.

I'm exploring pima cotton this year- and will report back! Sweaters always seem so hard-bulky, itchy, pilly, turtleneck, open weave that requires underlayer, etc

I loathe buying sweaters as they are either itchy or poor quality. I have a few super old cashmere ones from L&T. LLBean, and also Talbots.
Most of the other sweaters I have are old and purchased from places like Marshalls , they're made from cotton and are completely indestructible. The styles are looking rather tired though.
I just retired from my job and will be wearing these even more unless I find something new.

I am late to this conversation but I found myself nodding along with almost every poster -- even the ones who contradicted each other -- because that is the crapshoot that knitwear is! I sympathize, because I, too, need to wear it for more than half the year. Although in my current climate it is not quite as crucial and I can get away with fewer knits or thinner knits or cotton knits vs. wool or cashmere, and cotton is more durable, although it does tend to fade.

I have zero answers. The brand that works for me one year bombs the next.

I love merino...except when I hate it. (Yes, some merinos are scratchy and awful. Others are super fab and incredibly durable! How do you know if you are ordering online? Answer: you don't.)

Cashmere is so plush, so pretty, so huggable, so light, so warm, SO PILLY!!! Except for my husband's 50-year-old-and -still-going-strong cashmere t-neck from Scotland (that I stole, but rarely wear because it is too warm!). And I own a few cashmere sweaters that I love so much I will wear them despite pilling. The Pure Amici below did not pill its first year but has pilled some in the years since -- I just comb the pills as best I can and continue to wear because it is a brilliant shape and lovely colour on me and so versatile.

My Zella hoodie from last year's NAS is another example. I LOVE this sweater so much -- but it pilled like there was no tomorrow. I am hanging onto it to wear as loungewear this year but it is past its prime for real-life wear. More's the pity.

The Boden hoodie from last year worked out much better in terms of quality. I have also had surprising luck with some J. Crew sweaters, but the quality is extremely mixed. The best ones I've had are from the Collection line (on sale).

Cheap sweaters? Some are genius -- especially if cotton -- and some are a disaster. Take my beloved grey cardigan. It's a total mess, and was almost from the first time I wore it, but it is so useful I hang onto it until I find a replacement. That's fine for me, working from home, but not acceptable for you in your public-facing role. Argh!!!

I do try to wear my knits for at least 3 years if I can. But I'm about to do a big edit this fall. I'll be sad to see some of these go, but I really don't have a choice any more.

Good luck finding ones that meet your needs.