Just curious if anyone else notices that when you hand-wash Sweat pea blouses, the dye runs?

My blue one is okay; the red one is horrible. This is the second time I've washed it and still the water turns bright red.

I also realized I have another Sweat Pea blouse.... it's black... I bought it long ago at TJMaxx and only just noticed the tag.... well, I hand-washed it yesterday and thank goodness it was in a batch with only black items because it turned the water completely black!!!

Anyway - take that as a warning. On the plus side, they are so easy to hand-wash and dry ultra quickly. Just make sure you don't throw them in with anything else!!!

On the negative side, for as much as these darn shirts can cost, they really SHOULDN'T run like that.

(But I still love them anyway)

P.s. My favorite floral Ann Taylor Loft blouse, which I usually Dry-El, but decided to hand-wash for a more thorough cleaning, also ran a little ... sigh.... and it is even marked machine washable!!!!