I don’t know man. What am I doing wrong? I am 200% in need of heavy sole boots right now in the SF Bay Area. I tried wearing sneakers today with heavy socks. My feet are freezing, while everything else is boiling up. It’s a sunny day following a rainy day.

Overjoyed for you! And I am certain you deserve the credit for bringing the sun to Vancouver. It’s so nice not to feel insanely restricted by the climate!

I am in the midst of my own annual footwear flip out, but mine involves sandals and is less about weather and more about fit. I am desperately in need of sandals (as I am every year) and even starting this early, I have tried multiple pairs in multiple sizes and cannot find any that fit. I am holding out hope that Angie will turn up a pair or two that can get me through another summer!

I love how your boots are all nicely lined up, waiting to be chosen for the day I'm dying knowing how lovely it is out there right now and glad that you have found your happy place, literally.

Stay in BC, Suz! DH says he's going to make me a giant cat box for in front of the fireplace, since I spend all my time there!

Pic looking south towards lake

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At least you have a fireplace, Carla. I'm in front of the heat register, along with my cat. I could use a giant cat bix.

Suz, I am so glad that your fun footwear has gotten its moment in the sunbreaks (Cascadia humor) this year! But, I want to stick up for past-you, too. Your thread last year on what you were drawn to wear vs. what your climate and lifestyle required was SO very thoughtful and instructive. And, you not only clarified your needs but followed through and found boots that fit your style and your climate. Impressive! As you know I have been working through a style vs. lifestyle conundrum of my own recently, and I just think that threads like yours are so useful to the forum.

And Angie, I have to defend Seattle's weather for a moment. We had gorgeous clear skies for the eclipse last night, gray today seems a reasonable tradeoff for that amazing show!

Suz, I haven't posted anything in the forum for ages but this post has inspired me to respond! I am totally guilty of rhapsodizing about my beloved city (even if it is the "no-fun" Canadian city to everybody else).

In Vancouver, we don't really have to protect ourselves against the weather. Yes, it can be drizzly in the winter, but the climate here allows us to wear pretty much whatever we want, whenever we want. My biggest footwear mistake was buying a pair of sandal boots. They're super cool, but you can't really wear them when there's a possibility of rain (which happens a lot in the winter), and you can't wear them much in the summer because it's too warm. But other than that, I have no shoe woes. I wear sandals in the summer, and any shoes I want for the rest of the year. OK well, I tend toward booties more in the winter, and the odd time we actually get snow I might wear my furry boots, but mostly I can wear anything.

I'm glad you now have the opportunity to experience winter that doesn't involve the same pair of boots for five consecutive months.

SarahD8, are you in Seattle? I thought you were in Portland.

Suz, I'm thrilled the Vancouver climate has been good to you. I can't think of anyone more deserving after seeing what you have to live through in Kingston. As for Seattle rain - yes, it's daytime rain too. Lots of it all the time - but NOT in Summer

What a beautiful collection of boots and booties! I'm in CO and currently limited by the snow and old injuries, to one pair of snow boots, argh! We don't have quite enough snow each year to justify having lots of boots, but I am looking forward to less icy conditions soon so I can wear other shoes.

Yay! I think people underrate the weather when they look at their location options. (Well except for me - I overlook almost everything else ) Your boot collection looks excellent and what fun it must be to get dressed without the old restraints!

Angie, yes, Seattle. I’m probably weird enough to fit in in Portland tho.

I know how you feel, Suz. Moving from a place where icy cold turned into tropical heat over night. I am thrilled to be in a place with lovely transitional weather and no extreme heat or cold, yet four seasons. Even the snow does not melt like most places, leaving slush. It evaporates quickly leaving no trace.

The style is not as casual and the neighbors usually dress up for monthly cocktail parties. It is an "anything goes" atmosphere if you look like you tried.

Just today I was trying to explain the joys of our weather to an uncle who is awaiting the next storm on the coast of Maine. He could not believe a foot of snow could evaporate in 2, sometimes 1 day.

Enjoy Vancouver. It reminds me a little of San Francisco but not so hilly. Have you been to Chinatown yet?

Ugh, weather! It is such a constriction on fashion, you’re right!

We move internationally every 2-3 years because of hubbie’s job. Every time, totally new climate and lifestyle (subway? Walking? Riding a water buffalo? Just kidding with that last one ....sort of.)

In general it seems I get it figured out ....right before we up and move again! The adventure is wonderful but I do feel like a hot mess a lot of the time.

My biggest weather challenges are head and feet. My hair is very short but my style depends on product support, that is, it has no body or shape (other than my head) without mousse, blow drying and hair spray. But my head gets cold when it’s below 30. My usual solution is to take a warm hat with me and wear it only on the way home. Ha. Or an earwarmer type seems to be less flattening. Of course, for outdoor running, walking or hiking, I have no choice: hat and flat.

I don’t mind wearing socks with tennis shoes or oxfords, but can’t with loafers (my feet look dumb, IMO.) Even when the temperatures allow a shoe/sock choice, I’m forced to choose boots if it’s wet or snowy. That puts a damper on my ideal outfits.

Yes, Suz, you are lucky to have a great situation with more options this year! Hooray!

We haven’t moved for 32 years, and then it was only 4 blocks away from our first house, all within 50 miles of where we grew up.

Hi Suz. The title of this post is SO funny! I laughed and then got busy, so am only posting now.
Your trials and tribulations with winter footwear were always fun to hear about. I understand how a fashion lover would find the winter footwear situation such a total pain in Kingston! I actually think your weather is worse than mine (yikes!).
I'm so glad you've found a new climate, ha ha!
I remember you once saying that if your true style does not mesh well with where you live, maybe it's time to move! So funny, with a ring of truth to it.

You have a yummy bootie & boot collection! It’s fun you’re getting to revel in them & I long for that climate! Relentless heat and humidity for lengthy stretches are my fashion achilles heel!
I like your pics.

I just got a pair of booties I ordered in the mail today, why does it seem like there’s just never enough of them?!

Or is that just my shoe addiction?

Great news-& SO happy for You! You just deserve to wear all those fab boots and booties you have!

Oh Suz, I am so happy for you! You truly deserve to let your style shine on the West Coast. Yes, you are right, it's a major aspect of living out there compared to cold snowy here. Some years ago, I moved from beautiful BC to the Eastern part of the country for various reasons, none of them including footwear freedom.

Since you didn't do an annual flp-out, please allow me:

At this time of the year, I am starting to get very (I mean very) annoyed with not just clunky footwear, but clunky everything pertaining to necessary outdoor gear due to insane weather conditions. Thick sausage coats with pockets rendered difficult to open, combined with hands emprisonned in padded double-layered gloves make it almost impossible to fish for keys especially when carrying packages, which is all the time (precisely because those conditions will diminish your outings and make you maximize any errand). Forget about using your phone, it's deep inside somewhere: you are condemned to let it buzz against you, powerlessly, until you've reached an inside shelter of some sort where to remove your two sets of gloves (forget the finger sensitive touchscreen stuff at this point it won't work), tuck the said gloves under what should be armpit but is just more cushioned fabric likely to let gloves drop on wet slushy snow, extricate your head from, in order: hoodie, tuque and wool scarves (shake off the snow and feel its cold wetness drip down your neck and wrists in the process). By then your fingers are so frozen that the thumb recognition touch ID affair will not operate. By the way your hands are so frozen you don't even know where are your fingers as you can't feel them, and that's when you cruelly remember that Microsoft and Apple and late Steve Jobs all originate on the West Coast where people like Suz are, at this very moment, fashionably sporting white pointy booties with cropped denim and looking fab.

I live in a Mediterranean climate and so think I am pretty lucky that despite a few days of oppressive heat, most of the time I love the weather.

In terms of the weather dictating what I wear, I would say that in summer my outfits tend to be pretty basic, because it can be too hot to wear layers or more interesting accessories such as scarves and toppers. I like dresses, and find that my sundresses and short jumpsuits are great to wear with sandals to beat the heat.

Your pictures of snow are beautiful, but I would be scared to venture out without about 3 puffers on, looking like the Michelin Man.

Suz, your happiness radiates through your post! So glad to know that from now on you will have more fun with shoes. I often complain about our cold-wet-grey-foggy Winters (Central Northern Italy) because I would like to be in Summer dresses and sandals all the time, but if I compare my 4-seasons climate with the Canadian climate I feel ashamed to complain ...

Krishnidoux, you made me laugh! Interesting point about all those IT people coming from the West Coast.

Ooh I’m very envious of your beautiful boot collection :). Also I like the scenery pics of your local area. Story-bookish!
My biggest weather challenge is the rapidly changeable weather we have, it goes up and down very fast, hard to have one outfit that will be comfortable all day. Here’s a some pics of my neck of the woods.

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I'm jealous jussie and echo krishnidoux Winter dressing is just so inconvenient and its hard to feel stylish in clunky layers.
And Suz, I'm glad you can wear all the fun shoes now! Aren't you glad you kept them?

Krishnidoux, you made me laugh. You are SO RIGHT about those IT guys. And the very thought of "touch screen" gloves makes me howl with derision.

Meanwhile, I go back to Kingston for a week in February. So I haven't completely left the winter miseries and I will post photos of that adventure as well. I left my big parka and snow boots and warm gloves there!

Jussie, it is SO PRETTY where you are. I love the ocean and tide pools and beautiful spring flowers!

Sisi, yes -- I think northern Italy must be a bit like Vancouver in terms of winter weather. It's not great, but compared with what I was used to, it feels tropical and easy!

And yes, I am so glad I kept all my booties!

Krish, well said. I am always cold. Our winters are brutal. I grew up in northern Ontario. Brrrr. I lived most of my adult working life in Hamilton and the winters were not nearly as severe as they are here in Muskoka. To make it worse they close the roads out of town because the conditions are so bad. We are escaping on Monday for 2 months. I hope.

I am very happy for you Suz. Nice collection of footwear.