Where do you buy your sunglasses, and what do you look for?

How many pairs do you have in circulation? How often do you replace? Do you use cases? What about those tether necklaces?

What's your routine for cleaning and maintaining them?

What price range is reasonable for your purposes?

In the past, I've prioritized technical and sourcing aspects of sunglasses: UV protection, polarized, well-made, and not Luxottica. Meeting these conditions means that flattery hasn't been at 100%. My current pair of sunglasses was chosen under time pressure, with assistance of a sales associate who was knowledgeable about everything except style, so I've never loved them.

I take meticulous care of eyewear, so I expect a long lifespan and I don't mind paying a lot.

Now that I've updated my prescription specs, I'm looking for new shades. Probably two pairs: one for outdoor activities (hiking, etc.) and one for street wear.

So tell me: how do you sunglass?

And bonus question: any feelings, preferences about sunnies on others?