Count me in!! It's been far too long since my last appearance at a Seattle Fabber meet-up!!

Excellent, ladies! Thanks for the good wishes.

So far we have:

Angie, Anchie, Nuance Dream = YES

Anna and Sharan = MAYBE

I wish! I'll be there is spirit - enjoy it! Have a tea and something sweet for me! xx

Looking forward to the pics!

Oh, I wish I could. I am sitting in the Denver airport after spending a week with my son in Washington DC. (sad face)

How super - will be cheering from here! Enjoy!

I can make it for an early brunch. I have a piano class that afternoon at 3 p.m. in North Seattle.

Oh, and it looks like Kari also said yes above.

Ha! I put 9 am in my calendar as a placeholder.
Now will add location

Lola...YES!!!!! I can't wait to see all the Fabbers!!

How exciting! I’ll be there.

Yay! Only 2 more weeks. Can’t wait to meet Angie and Fabbers.

Excellent! See you all there.

Wish I could join in. It sounds like a great group!

Have fun!! It's a yummy place to eat!!!

Oh, I'm getting really excited to meet all the Fabbers at Lola on November 3rd. I've been trying decide what to wear because I'll have to bring my A+ game. LOL!!

oohh! yes for me! Ill be in town. Might be rather sleepy, but nothing a good strong espresso couldnt help.

Party: Angie, Anchie, Anna, Kari, Sharan, Nuance Dream, Marmee, Rebekahphoto - 8 people

VENUE: LOLA @ 8.30am. PLEASE don't be late!

I had to make the rezzie earlier because we are now 8 people. Sorry about that. It's hard with a big party in Seattle over the weekend.

hmm, I feel a bit like I will need to wear something other than lounge body will be so confused! uggs? shearling slippers? cozy puffer AKA sleeping bag coat? ....that would fit in well on my 7am bus ride....

We will cope! Extra caffeine for sure....

Rebekaphoto, don't you live in Seattle?

OK - I am buying a Lotto ticket today because in my dreams I will join you. If I win, I will be there and breakfast can be on me!

Ahhhh! So fun! I will be there in spirit this time. Consider all of yourselves hugged. Happy brunching and shopping!

Angie yes! (but technically I live in shoreline). Growing up I always figured I would live downtown, or close to it, & lived for years in queen anne, ballard, greenwood, phinney. But when the time came to buy a house, we realized we wanted land & more space... Ironically, we bought a house about a mile away from my parents house where I grew up! We love our gardens, fruit trees (figs!) amazing neighbors, a gorgeous walk to the beach & yet have a close enough commute to the city when we want it. Seattle area real estate has got so expensive we are grateful we were able to buy when we did. Its tough for our younger friends now

I commute daily by bus to capitol hill & its a little over an hour so Im pretty used to it. On the weekends I miss our commuter bus, but there is always Uber! A few years back we decided 1 car would suit us & the environment just fine... The Mr is happy to drive so its a win-win!

Oh Janet I wish a cheap weekend airfare could tempt you! And the Zanele Muholi show at SAM is incredible!!

Rebekahphoto, makes sense! GOOD GRIEF, Seattle is expensive. It's a second San Franciso. Glad you love your home

Janet, join us!

IMPORTANT EVERYONE: 8.30am start time at LOLA. Please do not be late! And remember that the clocks change the night before so you'll have an hour on your side.

What a great gathering!! I look forward to hearing about it and seeing some pics.

If I had known in advance...alas, I visited earlier. Dad, my brother, and SIL did speak of the $$ real-estate, and the traffic is crazy! But, gosh - how physically beautiful!

Good to know about the clock change. It just changed yesterday here.

Well, I will have arrived in Saigon the evening before. So no popping over the Pacific. But I had a great time with BJ1111 on my first ever meet-up so will think of you all.

I just searched for this to confirm the details, and saw the new time. I'll be there at 8:30!

I’m waiting for the shoe pic