Count me in!! It's been far too long since my last appearance at a Seattle Fabber meet-up!!

Excellent, ladies! Thanks for the good wishes.

So far we have:

Angie, Anchie, Nuance Dream = YES

Anna and Sharan = MAYBE

I wish! I'll be there is spirit - enjoy it! Have a tea and something sweet for me! xx

Looking forward to the pics!

Oh, I wish I could. I am sitting in the Denver airport after spending a week with my son in Washington DC. (sad face)

How super - will be cheering from here! Enjoy!

I can make it for an early brunch. I have a piano class that afternoon at 3 p.m. in North Seattle.

Oh, and it looks like Kari also said yes above.

Ha! I put 9 am in my calendar as a placeholder.
Now will add location

Lola...YES!!!!! I can't wait to see all the Fabbers!!

How exciting! I’ll be there.

Yay! Only 2 more weeks. Can’t wait to meet Angie and Fabbers.

Excellent! See you all there.

Wish I could join in. It sounds like a great group!

Have fun!! It's a yummy place to eat!!!