I know it's only mid-August, but I'm done with summer . June was really hot, July not great, and August has been all over the place.   I'm ready for a switch of colours and fabrics, and looking forward to seeing what I can do with my existing fall wardrobe (it's all packed away and a major edit will be in order as I did for my spring /summer collection) . I'm itching to do some home decor change-ups too - but I'm sitting on my hands for another 2 weeks .

I live in a true 4 season climate, and by this time of year, the light is already changing and getting lower and softer.  I went out today for some typical Saturday stuff , wearing what ended up feeling wrong for this time of year (see pics below)  ....in other words, a little out of sync with the light. White and gold and espadrille-type sandals all say summer, and this felt a little late now.  Funny how this happens so abruptly !  

Thinking about my spring and summer wardrobe, there were really only two major "fails" in terms of purchases:  the striped BR shirt, and the chunky Sorel sandals.  I was open to replacing two of my olive summer dresses (one was now a bit too big and the other too short) with one new one, but never did find one that met my criteria.  I ended up being a little short in statement-y /"going out " summer tops .  I will look for one or two for next summer . I also could have used a pair of lightweight pants in a colour  other than my white jeans.  I wasn't sold on the whole linen set idea and linen pants in general - I have two pair of black ones that are great and that I wear to work , but I'm not crazy about linen pants in wheat/flax-y tones . Maybe I'll find a cotton olive green or rust for next summer . Speaking of linen - I never did wear my two linen boyfriend shirts (one in black and one in white).  I couldn't settle on styling that I felt good in so they sat in my closet unworn all summer.  

Back to the purchasing fails:

1. the striped BR shirt : it wasn't inexpensive, and that's the part that irks me.  Every single time I put it on , I took it off again. I think it was a combination of colour (too soft a brown and wide vertical stripes just don't please my eye) and style (a lot of collar and cuff that felt too much to wear even around the house. I won't part with it this year, and will see what I think of it next summer but I don't have high hopes for it. 

2. Sorel sandals:  I know a few of you have these, but I think you all have the lower profile version. Mine are quite exaggerated and are a different style .   Anyways, another sunk cost that irks me. I persevered through the summer, wearing them to work maybe 5-6 times, but I just can't with them. I don't have an eye for exaggerated silhouettes in anything, shoes included, and this is just too much for me.  I felt uber-aware of them all the time, despite their comfort, and mildly embarrassed to be wearing them.  I have to be careful going forward into fall and winter that any new shoes/boots aren't too chunky and exaggerated. It just doesn't work on me and isn't a look I aspire to.  Note: oversize is not the same as exaggerated - in my mind .

Lessons learned, but at a cost.  

To wrap up : I was pleased with my restrained consumption, and pleased with how much I wore my trusty basics (denim shorts, linen short sleeved woven t's, elevated basic t's) without thinking I needed more or different.  I didn't miss having so many pair of sandals and sneakers - was fine with what I had.  

Today's outfit:

linen jacket (a new  "forever piece" I hope) - WhiteStuff UK
ribbed tank - H&M - I have a stack of these in white and black - fit is perfect
jeans  - Tribal
sandals - Sam Edelman - don't love these anymore as they feel too country-club for the look I aspire to but they are uber comfortable and still in good shape after 5 years 
bag - Matt & Nat 

Thanks for reading and I appreciate all thoughts and comments !

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