Hi y'all, I'm currently staying with my parents in central Indiana, helping them go through their house, cull and downsize so they can sell their house and move somewhere more manageable. It's been a long time since I've lived somewhere so humid, and it's only the beginning of June! I'm struggling with what to wear on the more hands-on days - packing, sorting, climbing ladders, carrying boxes, etc.

Those of you that live somewhere with a similar summer and work outside / don't have a/c / are in and out a lot, do you have a go-to outfit? Jeans are too heavy, and even jean shorts aren't that great. Most of my chino-type pants are dressier, office-wear kind of stuff. If I weren't doing quite as much up and down, I could wear my knit dresses - that works for some days but not all. I've done some window shopping for shorts and capris, but didn't find anything that grabbed me, or ideas for how to make an interesting outfit and not just clothes, you know?