I am getting excited because in a month's time we are travelling to Japan. I need to pull together a summer travel capsule for 11 days staying in Kyoto. It is hot and humid weather with afternoon torrential rains expected most days.

Activities: Walking, walking and more walking. Revised: Eccos and sneakers will be working hard, bike riding, shopping and eating out at casual dining and maybe one or two better restaurants - but they need to be child friendly, so alas nothing too exotic.

What I plan to take - now edited down for the suggestions!

3 shoes: Eccos, gold sandals, gold leather sneakers - so leaving the heels home.
2 Toppers: 1 Denim jacket - blue denim and rain jacket - Gold zip-up coat that folds down to nothing.
2 Jeans - pink and dark blue crops.
2 Skirts cotton floral and denim with poppies
2 Playsuits (shorts alternative) - navy and orange print. I see me wearing these often, because they are light weight and incredibly comfortable. I lived in them in the Australian summer. 
2 Dresses - off the shoulder dress, blue cotton dress (it is very light and breezy - even with the sleeves).
Jumpsuit and heels staying home.
Tops - blouses, t-shirts and knits - will take a few more the ones I take will depend on the skirt. I am likely to buy some Uniqlo t-shirts too, so want to leave packing space for some purchases.
Accessories - turquoise bag, 1 scarf (likely to buy another handbag in Japan. I am thinking bright pink).

I will be taking the usual stuff (PJs, underwear etc) and a very good umbrella, sunglasses and cap.