Janet, there are lots of fun tops actually. I shopped with a client all day yesterday, and she hit the Mother load. I'd head over to Nordies Individualist and Topshop, Anthropologie, Boden, COS, Club Monaco, Madewell, WHBM, Everlane and Ann Taylor. We had luck at Macys and Talbots too.

Marks and Spencer USA and Uniqlo are looking good - and are very affordable.

As far as the worse offenders of the girly romantic stuff goes: Zara, Shopbop win that award - and LIKE girly frilly stuff.

These are my new tops for the Spring & Summer season - (doubled up on the white top).

This top VERY unexpectedly impressed me. Gorgeous quality and trim detailing.

I've been stalking this topic...I have the same issue. Angie thanks for the list of stores....I have two nearby malls that have most of those....

I'm feeling a bit discombobulated as well. Change of seasons always throws me for a loop.

Yesterday I ended up in a gray linen tee, jeans, and gray Nike sneakers. It was an at home day but still felt uninspiring.

I too am feeling frustrated by the over saturation of ruffles and all the fussiness. I wish it would go away.

It is encouraging to know there are many of us in this boat. I just entered an enormous order at anthro (thank you Lisa P). But I have a hard time spending big money on summer tops. Maybe irrational.

I agree with Angie that there are nice options out there, but not many in my color palette. Add to that my preferred sleeve length (sleeveless or cap or 3/4 length or longer) creates additional challenges. I always struggle with shopping for this season and end up with a lot of navy and olive and cream. I’ve not seen that much teal (another key color for me) this year thus far.

Well, I went to my basement holding zone and pulled out the sleeveless tops that were hiding down there, and tried them all on (maybe next week I’ll tackle the short sleeve shirts). I’ve decided that there are some workable things there, I just need to think about them differently and not be so precious with things like silk tops. Just wear them with the darn cutoff shorts.

So the crisis is not as dire as I thought. But half a dozen tops went into the donate bag. And I’m wearing one of my closet orphans today — I’ve always “saved” it to wear under jackets, which I rarely do. It’s an old Vince Camuto top and I like the watery print. It’s quite long, but I think the proportions with the shorts are ok. I know this outfit isn’t going to win any awards, but it’s going to be over 90 again today so it’s sandals, shorts, and sleeveless for me. And this is our environmental norm for the next four months. So as pretty as your tops are, Angie, I have very different needs. I don’t run AC very high (and it doesn’t work well in my studio), so my need for sleeves is very limited.

Re: my WIW for today, I think I need a bit more rose gold and white complement for summer! My old rose gold watch is chunkier than I would prefer. And maybe a casual rose gold bag...

I’d like to respond to everyone individually but I’m on my phone (usually the case for me when I’m checking in here). Please know that I read and consider all of your suggestions!

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I am with you about tops!
Yesterday out of sheer frustration I headed furiously to the mall but was able to cool my head before aggravating my poverty flirting situation (due to too many shopping trips already this Spring). The issues :

- Like you said, too many frills, too many girly prints in fabrics that are too cheap (= polyester bell sleeves that manage to feel too light on me at room temperature and will most certainly become uncomfortably choking in heat waves).

- Waist becoming higher demanding for more cropped tops, but not only that, there is also a new cut (volume on top) that is not easy to blend with more classic pieces.

- A total disappearance of simple, non-see-through button down white shirt that has no embroidery nor ribbons nor unconventional cut.

- Collars on cotton tees tend to be very wide and dangling.

Yesterday I was able to calm down my growing frustration with a couple of very basic

3/4 sleeve non-see-through cotton tees

from Talbots. Here is how you do it:
Open the Maps app on your phone and locate the nearest mall, and navigate (using feet) towards a (Bricks and mortar) Talbots store. Do not get swayed by what's on display at the front of the store (usually colorful and looks from afar to be exactly what you are looking for. Don't be fooled. It's also full of unwanted detailing AND expensive). Carry yourself towards the back of the store where there are all the sales. You may have some luck there.

That's a great closet orphan find! You should thank past you. Looks good with the shorts!

I think all of a sudden I'm glad I have an over abundance of summer tops. And because I have so many, and pack them away, I probably won't be tired of them, if and when they ever come out of hiding.

You look great in this outfit, Janet. Team wear! I'm glad you found some things to pull out of hibernation that will work.

I don't understand this need for shorter tops with higher waists. My tops are all long enough to hide my waist, nobody knows where the actual waist band is. Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD
Totally get shorter tops with wider legs, or crop legs, to play with the proportion of the outfit.

Krish, you made me laugh at your google shopping.

I hear you!

Though, I did just nap a top Angie posted above

Your outfit turned out perfect Janet - it's funny how often I look at things I've put away and then realize I still like them. I am very mood centric when it comes to choosing my outfit for the day.

I like your outfit Janet - perfect for your day. What shorts are you wearing?

And Elizabeth , I'm laughing along with your can/should top thing. My thoughts exactly.

I'm off to hit the mall again - GAP, The Bay, and maybe CM for an hour . Crossing my fingers for white jeans and some top or another.

Lisa, these are the shorts — I got two denim pairs from Lucky Brand around this time last year because they were a good fit and length — the other pair is a lighter wash with a touch of white embroidery. The stock photo shows them rolled.

The reason why I’m finding some old tops don’t work well with higher waists is because I was semi-tucking. The semi-tuck works great with mid or lower rise but not on a high rise. So I do need shorter tops with a higher rise in pants if the tops have any volume to them.

Ah yes, the semi tucking thing... that I get, too

I like this on you. This is exactly type of outfit that I need for my casual part of life. I am struggling with tops myself at the moment.

I know the feeling with this crazy weather fluctuation. I still haven't put away my winter clothes yet and not sure what I have.

This weather is so annoying!

Today would have been a great day to debut the pink Free People shoes...but it’s too darn hot for closer shoes for me. In the heat my toes need to be free!

But the good news is, I am loving wearing these new sandals. Kinda wondering if I could justify the same ones in silver. I have a feeling this style will be a go-to this summer!

Elizabeth - these are definetly you. Me, not so much

I put myself on a bit of a top buying ban this summer as I had far too many for my needs.... I still did add four though....one basic black tee, two long sleeve shirts for sun protection and one floral blouse. I wore a lot of dresses this summer.

I am pleased you found some that will work in the holding zone. I suspect some will turn up during the season....

That was a nice outfit Janet! Cute, functional, simple and coherent. Gold footwear is the stylish and trendy touch. I’m sorry that my last comment came in right after your update and I missed it.
Also, glad to know you were able to find workable pieces among your stored items.
Your dilemma is not entirely your fault; this year new waistline height redefines all tops and toppers. As you say, framing the top with semi tuck isn’t possible anymore. Can you get your eye used to a belt over a longer top? Alternatively, how about a full looser tuck? (I mean looser as almost lazy like)?

Krish, those are interesting ideas, but a belt over a top feels too fussy for me as my narrowest part is right under the bust and my waist just widens from there. Belts just hike up my body and are annoying. A fuller, looser tuck might work under certain conditions. Thanks for the ideas!