Bijou, your summer dress collection is gorgeous! Summer is my most challenging fashion season. I struggle with what to wear. I don't wear skirts or dresses because of my footwear challenges.
My summer formula for dog walking and around the house is a long-sleeved top (denim shirt or tee) and shorts. When I run errands, I usually change to longer pants. When we go out, I wear my jeans and a shirt. My Citizen jeans are cool enough for summer, and I run cold.
When we go out, I always take a topper. I must be the only person out there wearing a down coat in July in Muskoka.

I have old old old primarily rayon long dresses. I can’t seem to replace them. That’s what I’m wearing now. Last month it was cotton crops and joggers. When it was colder (such temperature variations) recently it was pants, top and a sweater or zipper jacket, or a sweatshirt. This year I think it will be easier to figure out in hindsight:)

I’ve finally figured out that when it’s really hot I need to wear a midi dress, midi skirt, or linen pants. Bare skin on unupholstered seats due to shorter hems is so yucky.

@MrsK - five of my summer dresses are by Ulla Johnson, they are expensive at full price, but I have bought mine on sale from Shopbop and the Outnet and also at a local boutique. At 40 - 50% off (or even more) they are not prohibitively expensive and I get lots of wear from them. Ulla uses amazing fabrics, her garments wash up beautifully and she has interesting and unique prints. It was a case of after buying one dress and having it for 8 years in Finds and it's still good despite the cotton being as light as air to wear, I knew the quality was there to justify the expense.

I'm with you. I like the idea of breezy summer dresses but, either I don't have the right ones, or they are just my fantasy life. I reach for shorts and a top for casual, or crops and a slightly nicer top for nicer events. So weird.

I bat for these teams in Summer:


Team White Jeans and Pants (My next love!!!)

Team WIDE Cotton or Linen Pants

Team Shirt and Blouse

I don't wear shorts or tees. And very seldom a skirt.

I just read an interesting article about Ulla Johnson and now I can’t remember where - maybe British Vogue ?

Style Fan - you have a GREAT summer capsule that looks so you . I wish I felt more comfortable in basic short sleeved tops like the POMP ones you have - they’re such easy pieces .