I find your posts so soothing and yet fascinating! Maybe because my approach is so opposite. I agree with others that you are such a resource and inspiration!

Oh, add me as another who would sign up for your class! I get frustrated wearing the same ol' thing, freak out because I don't know how to style the things I don't wear, then buy other pieces that sit in my closet. Then, I claim I want to be a minimalist. Ha! Heavy sigh...

Enough about me! Your approach is thoughtful and inspiring, nonetheless! Can I enable you re: that mustard dress??? I think it is SUCH a great piece for you!

" Finding a particular item that speaks to me at a particular time and then continuing to build my wardrobe with the new piece in place. In an ideal world, that would be a print that incorporates a new color with my current ones to start the transition " - really resonated with me.
Enjoy reading about your carefully curated wardrobe.

Jonesy, now I'm very curious about how you'd describe your approach! I think I find my joy in wardrobe curation more than in outfit creation, which has pros and cons. My outfits are definitely less inspired than others', but my preference is to put in the (enjoyable) work upfront rather than at the point of getting dressed.

nemosmom, hah! I struggle with minimalism too. I'm a "sort of" minimalist--I really prefer having less stuff than I have space, but I don't always succeed at that goal.

(On the mustard dress...alas, the sizing doesn't work for me, but it's definitely the kind of piece I'm looking for, just not the one.)

slim cat, it comes back to that "trying too hard to make something work" thing that Irina talked about in her "ordinary" thread. It rarely works for me to just seek out a color. I need it to happen more organically than that.

I agree with Jonesy—your posts are a soothing and fascinating glimpse into a meticulous and constantly moving craft I don’t do. I’m careful about what I buy, but once a thing is in, it’s in.

I love your organisation, and I love your dresses Now after seeing yours and Sally's black dresses, I kind of feel like buying black dresses to change up and accessorise.

Fashintern, definitely different approaches! I don't think I've ever regretted passing something on, even when I look back at it fondly.

Sally, your boots would be really cute with a black dress!

Love your summer capsule! I'm with you with "finding more joy in wardrobe curation than outfit creation." Nothing more satisfying than having a simple, harmonious, wardrobe that makes getting dressed easy!


Always a pleasure to read and absorb, Jenn. You've nailed your style - and management there of - and ENJOTY IT. Completely relaxed, efficient and effective too. The best part of all, and WELL DONE

p.s. thanks for the kind words!