I've been working on a summer active capsule and made a collection in Finds here https://youlookfab.com/finds/c.....ction=4011

I thought some other casual summer members would enjoy taking a look.

Burgundy, Navy
along with denim/chambry

, Foilage Green, Tan (including my hair/skin), White and Blush are all in here.

I need variety in colors bust still prefer some deeper shades in summer. Maybe it's a need to contrast all the brightness in the sky and landscape during summer.

I have to include plenty of basic tees for times when I will be out walking during the day in 90-100 degrees.

I'm trying another skort in black this time from Athleta. My version of a casual pencil skirt, not too short on me. I will bring another copy of the tan shorts as well. I find the skorts to be pretty darn comfortable and a nice change from shorts everyday. I feel like Angie may have suggested that to me at some point, Thanks Angie!

have to have very practical shoes - I will add another pair of sneakers but I
don't have a Find for those yet. Shopping may be required.

I wear jewelry most every day and would add mostly some gold and natural white stone items.

I may still add/edit some things.

Sidebar - I'm SO enjoying the burgundy KS handbag. Supersoft. A little slouchy when you have weight in it (slouch I love in this style). Much prettier color IRL. I'm wearing it into the summer - not sure I want to switch out! I love that it brings some color to otherwise neutral outfits.