Happy New Year!

I’ve been evaluating my wardrobe (as have many of us) and identified that I need some comfortable closed shoes for urban walking in summer. I live in a warm climate- and we often have humid rainy weather in summer. I love walking around my city, but sandals just don’t provide enough protection from damp gravel and pavements, and often don’t grip slippery pavements well either. But a lot of the closed shoes I’ve tried are just too hot- and then I get blisters.

The Wishlist is:
-provide excellent shock absorption for my tetchy Achilles’ tendon
-fit narrow and low volume feet, but can cope with some warm weather swelling
-could be sneakers/joggers, but ideally not too much like sports gear

I know many of you love the Ecco sneakers, and I think they look pretty good, but do you think they’d work? Have you found an alternative?

All suggestions gratefully received.