Well, this is pretty spontaneous, but I'll be in Milan for three days next week (!!), and I figured YLF would be a good place to seek advice since Milan is such a fashion hub! I'd love to hear some ideas for (mostly window) shopping, and recommendations for dining, people-watching, and great places to walk/bike would be great as well. I'll be staying in Navigli. I'll have DH and 9yo DS with me, neither of whom is particularly interested in fashion, but I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze in a few solo strolls. Especially interested in secondhand/vintage and locally-made anything (leather goods -- bags/belts?). Suggestions of places to avoid (tourist traps etc) are also very welcome.

PS -- the rest of this trip will be two weeks in Czechia and then a 170 km backpacking trip in the Alps, but we'll be flying in/out of Italy and I'm so excited to get a chance to explore! It's a somewhat last minute work trip, so no Last Supper viewing for us, but we'll find plenty to do to make up for it. I'm a little bit anxious that my packing list won't pass muster in a place with such great street style; I'm packing primarily for outdoor activities, but since it's only a few days I'm going to attempt a mix-and-match microcapsule. More on that later!