I've been thinking about you all weekend, Suz - vis a vis your remarks about not hanging onto unworn or less-than-great pieces for very long before passing them along. I have to say, since I started buying more things on-line, the number of less-than-great pieces I have has grown dramatically. I'm accepting things I normally wouldn't because I don't want to keep eating the cost of returns. This didn't really dawn on me until today - duh. These boots are perfectly nice, but for the price, they aren't *that* great. Kind of a flat look, and had I been passing by them in the store, I doubt I even would have tried them on. I know others here on the forum have them and love them , but they are better at adapting that western look than I am. I may let these go in a month or two if I haven't found a way to make them look like me.

Sal - good advice about getting my jeans to the tailor. Thanks for the nudge!

Marilyn - thanks, I've been working hard on a new eating plan and I'm loving the results.

gryffin - great to hear from you ! Nice to know I'm not the only one who struggles with low-cut shoe/boots. I think if I had a sweater or jacket in the same cognac colour, I'd feel like I could make a true look out of them. As it is, they don't work with as much as I though they would.

I struggled with shooties to pants either, but learned they can look good with some skirts. Love they are easier to wear than pumps, but feel lighter than booties-and I have 2.
One is all black but kind of a daity texture on the leather, and almost similar to yours here in cut toe and heels-but again, all black. I wear that one to dark pleated midis and pencils all the time (love them with black sheers).
I have another (which got unworn for years for the same reasons you mention yourself) a brown shootie with darker rounded rugged toe, wedge heel and a faux chelsea elasticated detail on sides (so much more casual)-that one I wear with a knee length dark grey acid denim skirtb(small split on front) or a brown gingham pencil with letaher buckle detail on waist (both with black sheers to them, too).

Lisa P, I have a question. Did you this colour?

Ack! I just lost a reply. Will be back later. I have some thoughts.

So...I should clarify. The 8 times-worn shooties were actually in my closet for about 3 years before I let them go. They were a dressier shoe and I knew they wouldn't get a lot of wear -- I just didn't anticipate how little. They fit nicely and felt great. But our weather made them hard to wear and when my hair went grey I let them go because the colour no longer worked so well in my wardrobe.

As for other items...I definitely hold onto seldom worn dressier items. I know when I buy them these things won't get a lot of wear, but I need them anyway. If they fit and look good, I keep them.

I'm much, much quicker to return items bought online now. If they don't feel right in my try-on sessions, for whatever reason, I send them back. Most things are cost-free to return, or I return them in-store, so it is free, or I swallow that cost because it is less than the cost of the item and having it around drags me down. I am lucky that I live in a big metropolitan area for now -- it does make in-store returns a lot easier. And the post office is four blocks away, for postal returns.

I tend to go with my gut feelings. If I love it when I put it on, I'll usually love it in the wearing -- although sometimes I can be fooled. Some things don't work out as well in comfort or in durability as we imagine they will. My Cons high-tops fall into that category -- and I duplicated!! (I did get considerable wear from both pairs but I expect to let them go at the end of the year.) Usually, I don't cut tags if I'm in doubt.

Here are some items I ordered online (or even bought in store), considered, and then returned -- for whatever reason. Just this year's. No doubt I'm forgetting some...and there will be more to come.

Love Runcarla's and Inge's suggestions for the leather shorts, and think mules or tall boots especially with them. I haven't been wearing my low cut booties either. They seem to be easiest with full length wide leg or bootcut pants. The charcoal grey would be nice with your blushes and mustards. I had a flappy jacket like that too though, and ended up passing it on.

To your question , Angie : no. Don’t recall seeing it . My store definitely didn’t stock all colours . I don’t love this sweater enough to even justify the 3 I bought - I must lost my mind that day . In the proper size , it’s waaay too vavoom.

Suz - I usually trust my intuition too , and I can usually tell within a second if I like something on me or not . I’m paying $30 an item to return to Nordstrom and I don’t like it. ( That’s where the bulk of my online shopping has been done .)It really is crazy . Until it’s free in Canada , I’m out .( Obviously The Bay and BR are a different story ). Anyways , with battening down the hatches on shopping this year , I hope to eliminate this whole issue. Sorry for odd spacing and punctuation - I’m typing and editing on my phone

Yup -- I think the year of no shopping is really going to be a game changer. It gives you a re-set. And for sure -- it makes no sense to pay $30 for returns of an item! Horrid. I hope that is going to change for us soon!