Here is one more post in my series of styling various bottoms for business casual in a modern way. This post focuses on bootcut/flare trousers, perhaps the most classic of all the bottom options. I will need to wear these quite a few times this summer during my internship as I will be doing some lab demos for high school students for two full weeks, and lab dress codes require long pants. Thus bootcut trousers or skinny full length pants are the only option.
I have linked this post to one of Angie's blog posts from last year, where she stated that one of the ways to make these pants look current and fresh is to wear them with a trendy blouse. She suggested flirty blouses, drape front blouses and tunics. Later there was a very similar post for three types of trendy sweaters to wear with bootcut pants, where the suggestions were ruffled, high-low and and asymmetric sweater. I am sure that these lists are still very trendy, but was wondering if there are any updates for this year. Also, any other suggestions for these pants in general, and visuals are more than welcome.