The v-neck does make a difference. I think a V-shape can be more edgy than a round neck. The only way I can imagine a cardi being edgy is buttoned up, and then it is not a cardi. i think best you decided to pass if it does not work for your style goals.

Btw Lana, this blouse reminded me of you:

I agree with your decision. I like your idea of a shrug, too, in addition to the long cardis and hoodies. Depending on the style, a shrug can provide either your grit or your glamour!
I found this post illuminating. I used to wear this type of cardigan all the time. Then I decided I needed to be more stylish or current or something like that, so I purged them. And . . . they have crept back in to my wardrobe! So much for my efforts. I like them best with crew-neck t-shirts. I'm thinking my style is not at all what I imagine it to be--LOL!

Firecracker Sounds like you fell in love with these cardis again. I wish they would work for me because I love the fabric and the color of this one and I even ordered out in lilac which I canceled yesterday.

Star, I thought about wearing my pewter metallic pants with a black lace bralette underneath with the cardigan unbuttoned a little, but that was a little too overly sexy for me. I might be able to come up with one or two outfits, lol but not worth it or versatile enough.

Angie! You completely nailed my color palette didn’t you? Amazing.

Robin and Mirjana, I love the way these cardigans look on other people who have a more classic style. Sometimes I have trouble separating what is something I admire and something that feels good on me.

Doggeh and Indigo, The WHBM tank is so versatile. I have a couple of them and love that they can be scoop neck V-neck and completely reversed to a different pattern. I may give it one last try with a slinky bias cut slip dress, that may be opposite enough from classic to make me happy.

A slip dress is exactly what I was thinking!

You've done a brilliant job styling this. I prefer it with the V for yang, as others have also said, and I agree with you and others that these cardigans are tricky for many of us. I usually do as Brooklyn does -- I stick to long duster length ones or short knit military style jackets (or denim jackets for warm weather topper) but I do own two of these. One is a rescue from my late mother's closet -- part of a twinset -- that I wear as a top rather than a topper -- it's undeniably sweet but also bright and reminds me of her since she wore it so well. So.

I also have a charcoal merino V neck short cardigan which is a bit more "grandpa" in feel -- I don't really wear it out of the house, though. I could imagine styling it with a white shirt and BF jeans and stompy boots, though, for a sort of tomboy look.