I’ve been inspired by Tanya to adopt a couple of style themes for winter. These themes are intended to inform/inspire outfit creation from May to September (that’s the usual duration of cold weather here). I find having a theme keeps me focussed. It helps me to avoid bad purchases (including whim/boredom purchases). And it’s fun.


Theme 1: Dark Bohemian

Some years ago I tried out a dark romantic look. I want to give it another whirl. Inspired by Tanya again, what I plan to do this time is apply a “modern moody Bohemian” filter to a dark romantic look.

I am going for a dark, moody, somewhat gothic, punk or Victorian look, but I want it to be true to the modern and/or Bohemian aspects of my current style.

These are some of the particular aspects of my current style that I’d like to incorporate. They are not typically part of a dark romantic look:

Tie dye, marble and ombre patterns
Pattern mixing
Earthy colours
Loose fit/baggy jeans
Cargo pants

The challenge will be to blend these aspects into a dark romantic look. It may be a loose interpretation


Theme 2: Gilded edge

I am currently a little obsessed with metallics - both jewellery and clothing.

I prefer warm metallics in aged, muted tones. Old gold, brass, bronze, dark copper. I do like and occasionally wear silver (especially pewter) and mix metals. But warmer tones suit my colouring and palette better so I wear them the most.

I also like an edgy look.

Silver, especially the more shiny versions, looks more edgy than gold to my eye. Silver has a cold, sharp, more modern vibe. Gold has a warm, soft, more classic vibe. I think an edgy look is easier to achieve with silver than it is with gold. (Generalising and totally subjective!)

One of the things I’d like to do this winter is to challenge myself to create outfits that feature warm metallics, but which also have some edge.

I’ve also recently re-introduced a little grey into my wardrobe. The main way in which I’d like to wear it is to combine it with gold/warm tones. So, even when wearing cool grey, I’d like to create a look that has warmth, as well as some edge. Gilded edge.


Here are some previous outfits which show the vibe I’m looking for with these 2 themes. My winter wardrobe is in good shape, and I have lots of new combinations, silhouettes and styling ideas that I want to try out.

Pics 1-7 dark Bohemian
Pics 8-10 gilded edge

Thoughts or suggestions welcome.