Thanks, everyone. The Boden conker (rust) cardigan sweater is on its way. I ordered it by mistake. Long story. Still agonizing about the other one.

Robin, that is a good way of describing the effect of earth tones on black. Soothing. I like that.
Kathie, I am always surprised by how well black works in my wardrobe. Not sure why but it does.
Janet, that is another good way to describe black. A foil for earth tones.

Black plus earth tones is one of my go-to's! I've come at it from the other angle: a closet full of black and navy, and a desire to add some warmth. I love pairing rust/mustard/olive with black, especially with a dash of white or cream. Next up on my list is toffee/camel.

The Boden cardi in Conker caught my eye as well. Lovely colour for knitwear.

La Ped, I will report to the forum on the Boden cardi in Conker soon (Monday by the tracking report). It looks a great colour on my screen. I like the idea of adding cream to the rust and black. And yes to the toffee! One of my favourites.

Black with earth tones looks great in my opinion, and if I could wear earth tones without making people think they better call an ambulance for me I would wear that combination all the time! (I promise, I look really ill in them) I am much more into cool brights and as they tend to look a bit cheap next to black I have replaced all my black with navy. Earth tones on the other hand looks super stylish with black and I'm sure you'll look great in it!

Thank you, Magenta fan and welcome to the forum. I have had an on again/off again relationship with black over the years. It looks like we are back on. Interesting what you say about black and cool brights. I feel the same about black and bright orange. I prefer bright orange with blue denim.

A fabulous palette! I've also welcomed black back to my wardrobe this past year - I think taking a break from it is useful because it can be such a default ... a break allowed me to be a bit more intentional with it. Sounds like you are doing the same. The rust and black combo is so beautiful!

TG, good point about taking a break. Black is easy because there is so much of it in retail. I was feeling really dragged down by it but now that I have found a way to wear it I feel refreshed. I can see you looking gorgeous in black. Dark hair seems to look lovely with black.