You have been warned :D. It's official. I am in a style rut. Which I thought could never happen to me considering my wardrobe size!

I have been so uninspired lately that I don't even want to post my WIWs. I have been wearing a lot more outfits than I have been posting (cheating!). I do have lovely pieces in my wardrobe...then what is causing this rut?

I had a brainstorming session with my own self. After a few sleepless nights and weird fashion dreams (yep!), I think I found the answer. I have been lacking good footwear choices this entire summer. We are 4 months down and we have a good 2 more months of high summer left. I rely heavily on footwear to make my outfit. I have sat out on almost all footwear trends this season.

Birks - They don't work for my low volume feet

Pointy toes (barring heeled shoes, which I don't use often being an MOTG) - I haven't found my right pointy toe flats.

Slip on sneaks - I gave it a miss because I thought I don't need any more sneaks.

Cut out booties - Nothing that I really loved, with low heels.

Gladiators - Still on the hunt for gladiators that fill my low volume feet.

There it is! I am stumped for footwear choices when I am dressing. Result is low happiness factor. I also cannot shop Angie picks as I am on the other side of the world (Boo!). Couple that with my bad luck in finding a white pair of sandals (why is this so hard?!). I don't own any white shoes! And every time I want one to complete my outfit I feel frustrated.

The solution - I need a shoe refresher. Something as convenient as a ballet flat but still edgy. Something in all black (and white or beige) because I realized its a wardrobe hole! I have no clue how I managed to get here! The recent purge must be the answer! I purged my cap toed ballet flats because they were worn out and they were my outfit completers whenever I was stumped for choice. They were beige and black and went with everything in my wardrobe! *Digs them out of the donate pile* I am going to hang on to them until I find a replacement!

Meanwhile, I am adding the Steve Madden pony hair slip on sneaks (Finds 4) as my refresher because that's the only thing that appeals to me right now. I have had many many many occasions where I thought *a slip on sneak would be brilliant with this* My sneakers are all too colorful (finds 1 and 2)... I also have black with splashes of pink. You can't always wear neon you know and most of the times I only need simple black shoes!

So Austere August is bummed for me ... But this would be a necesarry style intervention. I hope my fellow fabbers who are participating in it understand. I have stayed away from the Mango jumpsuit (finds 3) .... Because its not a need. But this one is!

If you got through this mountain of a post ... A big thank you for reading from the bottom of my heart. Anyone relate to my story? Did I even make sense? o_O. I still haven't had my morning coffee. I will blame it on that if nothing makes sense to you