Totally late to this, but wanted to add I love all of these, Sal! I can see why you feel #6 is off, although I can’t articulate why. Brava! In any case!!

What a great dress - such a perfect fluid fit!
You’ve come up with so many great styling options - can’t wait to see how it plays with some of your toppers, too!

This dress has wardrobe workhorse written all over it! Like Suz says, fluid - not oversized. I like all your footwear choices, and when you let the dress be the star (with the gold chain). I also like #3 (first set) with the silky scarf.

My favourite is #5, because that belt looks smashing on you and great with the matching long boots. However, I also like #1-3 and think they would look even better with the addition of the brown belt.

Sorry to hear you've been sick. Sending my best wishes for your recovery.

Thanks The Cat - on the mend now!

Thank you Carla - I think it is a little bit more oversized than it looks in the photos (width wise) but I still think it works.

Ryce - I was going to wear today but it was so wet and soggy I ended up wearing jeans...boring!

NemosMom - I think the length just doesn't quite work on me. I have always liked either below the knee or longer, or if above the knee, a proper mini length (I am the same with shorts).

Fashintern - I have always liked black and brown (my Mum had a very cool 70s skirt in black and brown zig zag)... But I think that it was a bit unusual (like red and pink, or black and navy). I won't do Sally's challenge - I do have other black dresses but only one that is work suitable. I will enjoy seeing her do it though!

Great find! I prefer the stylings without the belt. Looks sleeker and more sophisticated sans belt.

Thanks AJ! I prefer it that way too.

I agree—1-5 are the ticket. YLF!!

I missed this post but have to say how great this dress looks on you! Very sophisticated!

Thanks Robin - I have worn twice this week already!

Oh, yay! I was so bummed to see you’d had to defer wearing it because I of soggy weather!

Haha Ryce! Hosiery was a step too far Monday as I am still bouncing back from this virus that has mutated into a sinus and ear infection….. but onwards and upwards!!

This is a fantastic dress. My favourite looks are the ones with tall boots. I can see that this will become a workhorse in your closet.

I am sorry to hear that you have been sick. Sinus and ear infections can be very painful.

Hope you feel better soon!