Promised an update yesterday about my style goals, which are actually going pretty well- at least as far as my purchases. The sandals and bike jerseys didn't arrive yet, and waiting on replacement Nike flip flops, sports bra (not in finds yet).

The so-so, not so important now:
Grooming-toenails were quite chipped when I repainted them today, brows need help, hair still ok. Cut back makeup. Usually no lipstick, sometimes no eyeshadow.

Style descriptors- streamlined/ uncluttered, feminine, exotic/arty, dressy. The tunics are arty, but voluminous. Uncluttered- yes. Feminine-more or less. Discovering skorts instead of shorts helped. Exotic/ arty-do nice batik masks count? Dressy- nope. But will ake my PC dress for it's first outing tomorrow!
Lower $, less effort- not really. Just refocused from workwear to gear now.

The successes:
Staying with my more or less DA color scheme.
Adding browns-my chosen color of the year.
Texture, low-medium contrast print- check.
Stop trying to alter everything-check
Only discard for condition, not fit (my shape changes a lot) or "over it"- check
Variety of silouettes (due to not passing things on)-check.

And my favorite and main focus so far:
The little elemental gear capsules
Fire (sunset colors): biking, running, general gear.
Water (teal, purple, black, water type prints): swim, SUP (bought a bunch last year).
Wood (green, brown, black, camo, tree prints): hiking, camping.
They're a WIP, but will eventually write about each more.

Thanks for reading my novella

Eta- the Birkies arrived and they got a 5+ mile hike this am. New to me because I've always worn soft footbed hiking sandals- but they'll supposedly mold to my feet.