Setting style goals is useful for me, because it helps to keep me on track and not get distracted into style directions that may be appealing in the moment, but ultimately take me away from my authentic style.

2019's words were polished, feminine and playful. In 2020 I want to be a bit more grown up and sophisticated without sacrificing fun. For new purchases, I want to apply these style descriptors:

Glamorous - This encompasses the polished and feminine elements I aspired to in 2019. I love the looks from Hitchcock muses such as Tippy Hendren and Kim Novak, I want to embrace this more in 2020.

Sophisticated - Wear tailored and well cut clothing. I feel like being less maximal and more considered in my styling.

Bold - to keep the fun in my style, but less juvenile. Of course Owl bags are bold not juvenile (just saying the Owl is here to stay)!

I have lots of clothes and need to wear and enjoy them rather than add to the collection in 2020. So these style descriptors apply to my new additions which is an evolution from my style in 2019.

Wardrobe Goals

1. Focus on quality and fit. This is key, if something does not fit quite right I feel out of sorts all day. I need clothing that makes me feel confident and polished and be fuss free.

2. Be practical - Mantra "buy the most stylish version of practical". Accept that I live in a warm and temperate climate and do not need any more winter coats.

3. No more black - I have a good collection of black items, I don't need any more of my favourite neutral.

4. It must be a 10 To refresh and update I can be fussy because I have enough clothing to wear. No substandard purchases allowed.

5. Be on Team Wear - enjoy and wear my good clothes, jewellery, bags and accessories.

Some of my favourite purchases from 2019 are below and a good indication of where I want my style to go in 2020.

1. Pink linen shirt - great summer cover up and easy and breezy to wear in a beautiful colour.
2. White tux suit - love the lighter colour and clean lines
3. Favourite dresses
4. Blue bag - classic shape, vibrant colour!