Hi all, well I'm fully embracing the January re-boot effect and really thinking through my style, as many of us are! I've already reflected on last year, and put together my "not list" for the year; last step is to get a little more specific about my goals for the year (as Angie recommends, I'm keeping these flexible and am open to adjustments through the year - and feedback!):

  1. Focus on refining rather than fixing or changing: I'm happy with my style, it works for my life, and it's true to who I am. Tweaking and refining should be enough to keep things fresh.
  2. Keep dressing to my style words "classic, polished, casual and contrast". I'm going to drop "Kate" (Middleton, my style muse the last few years) for now; as her style goes increasingly formal and mine increasingly simple and understated, it's no longer serving me (although I still love her!). Be open to a new word emerging, or perhaps four is enough for me. Be open to a two-word moniker emerging, but don't stress over it.
  3. Track outfits. Not obsessively, but at least for a few weeks per weather season, I'd like to see what I actually wear. The purpose of this is to get clear about what I like to wear vs. what I like to buy, and note how the seasons affect my choices (e.g. so I don't get rid of all my colorful pieces in October, when I really do love to wear them, but in spring). I also think it will reveal what items would really help with my refining goal.
  4. Shop mindfully. As per 3, focus on pieces that refine the wardrobe I've got (current wishlist below). Continue with shopping challenge (my goal was one purchase/month) but be flexible.
  5. Dress to feel good. With my stay-at-home, work-from-home lifestyle, this will often mean an uber-simple outfit, and simple (but done) hair and makeup. Embrace this! Be grateful for a simple life and happy to dress accordingly.

Shopping Wishlist - I jotted down a rough shopping wishlist for the year. Of course this may change though the year!
  • a new everyday belt (spotted one at Urban Outfitters that may get ordered today)
  • an additional everyday summer dress, as I got rid of couple that were worn out after last summer
  • something from Boden - just because Maybe in spring.
  • new nude summer dressier sandals. I've worn my Nine West pair into the ground, but the narrow wedge heel no longer feels current. See what's about come late spring
  • tall boots for next fall. Black or possibly brown. Based on the success I've had with my last two pairs of Blondos, that brand will be top of mind when looking.
  • a few, mindfully chosen on-trend items that fit with my style words - possibilities include jeans, a summer dressier top (maybe with crochet detail?), and a bodycon turtleneck for fall
  • replace a few worn-out workhorses: white shorts for summer, white Birkenstocks, sunhat for summer (one pool and lake-friendly, one for out and about).
  • and of course, my necklace when I complete my 'not list' challenge
If you got this far, thanks for reading! Feedback and advice welcome xx