Last year, I began a thorough closet edit, which is ongoing. I also replaced my worn undies at the NAS as well as some key essentials like white shorts, jeans, and a sleeveless summer top. As always, I replaced worn footwear.

Feeling that I was in a bit of a style rut, I started the process of renewing my style by revisiting my moniker. I came up with a new one: laid-back luminous garçonne, which is not so far from my old one (urban prince), but which nods to the more casual reality of my current living situation while also reminding me to shine.

My goals for the year ahead are few and simple. The first is all business (my practical side); the second is conceptual. the third gives me a destination to pursue those ideas.

  1. Continue major edit of closet. I've now retired 46 items, a substantial number, but when I revisit the spring items in storage, I know I'll be sending a few more out to pasture.
  2. Tell a fashion story. I'm much inspired by Brooklyn's approach here and the consideration she gives to the mood she hopes to establish for each season. To this end, I may adopt Bijou's wise suggestion to modify my moniker by season. For example, I like to wear dresses and skirts in summer. Does a garçonne wear dresses? Well, yes, in fact (think of those flappers) but for the sake of cohesion and clarity, it might help to establish the feeling I want my clothes to convey, which might differ to a degree, season to season. Looking at some of the spring collections might offer inspiration here, and I might adjust my moniker to remind myself of the specific mood I want to embody.
  3. Visit local consignment shops in search of statement items that reinforce my style persona. In Vancouver I found good statements and replacement essentials on consignment. But I haven't explored these shops in Victoria. It should be a fun adventure.


In this thread, I came up with a shopping list. I started working on it right away and have met with some success -- Finds below.

  1. Belt.
  2. Indoor loafers. (Might even get a second pair if I can find some on sale!)
  3. Oversized pullover. (Got one oversized sweater, sent several back because they went too far in that direction.)
  4. Knit (?) suit or knit jacket. (Liverpool).
  5. White shirt, slightly oversized or interesting structure. (Boden).

Other shopping goals, including HEWIs

  • Bottoms in interesting shapes — wide leg or barrel leg. (Got one pair).
  • A dressy midi coat (to wear with and longer skirts)
  • New sleeved "dressy" dress to replace several that I've retired.
  • Structured bag, probably crossbody.
  • Puffer jacket packable (this is a need if my current one can't be fixed -- needs new zipper).
  • Interesting chunky yet refined silver jewellery

I feel like the outfit I wore yesterday is a good representation of where I want to be -- the pants are loose and current, so is the top, which has some texture, and the belt and boots add interest and shine. At the same time it's not precious -- all these items are completely washable and waterproof and I actually went on a 7 km walk wearing this exact outfit except I switched out the boots for my more casual white ones for the walk.

Thanks for reading if you got this far and if you have additional ideas, I am all ears!

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