Style direction seems more appropriate than style goals. I am not making any big changes to my style at this point in my journey. I find journaling and making goals gives me clarity. I have been reading through some of Angie's old blog posts and one really made me realize why fashion is so important to me. I want how I dress to reflect who I am. Angie quoted this in her blog (May 16, 2008) from an article.

"Style is a life-affirming expression of your character and spirit, a conviction that you are worth knowing, worth looking at and can present yourself well."

My Style Goals/Direction for 2017

1. Sustainability I completed a wardrobe audit in the fall. It was noted by forum members that I keep my clothing for a long time. This is important to me. I buy good quality clothing that is interesting but not trendy. I plan to continue doing this. I also try to buy clothing that is ethically made. I would like to do more of this.

2. Colour Palette I have always worn Autumn colours and plan to continue to do this.

3. Silhouette I experimented with the long over lean look but I prefer the cropped or shorter top over higher rise jeans. I plan to focus on the later.

4. Simplicity with a Story My wardrobe tends to be simple and my accessories are the statements. I like jewellery and leather goods from craft shows and Artisans. I collect Amber and stones from the earth. My scarves are often paisley. I have tried and true favourites. When I put my accessories together I think of it as telling a story.

5. RATE I am neat but not pristine. A small hole in my cashmere sweater does not bother me. That is character. I like my jeans destroyed and the hems undone.

6. Third Piece I like toppers or the third piece. Favourite outfit starts with jeans, nice T and then add a nice third piece. Continue on with the addition of accessories and I am happy. I plan to look for some toppers this year. Smythe please make the Duchess blazer in an earth tone. Thank you. Find 1

Thank you for reading. All feedback and comments are welcome.