Are you in for a challenge? I've created a calendar for January with small cues to get us inspired to try a little fashion play. You are free to interpret the cues as you like. I've not added anything for the weekends, just to break it up a little. We need room for spontaneity, too, right?

Here's how it works: You choose wether you're in for one day only, selected days or every weekday. If you participate in the challenge, please post a report in the forum in the weekly thread. I will be posting one each Friday. Phone snaps are great as documentation, and a few words of description, too.

Here's the link: Style Inspiration in January

Let me know what you think! Are you in?

ETA: If you'd like to move a particular challenge to another date, please do! The main point her is to be inspired, so use the calendar freely and after your own mind.