HAH. Viva. No. You can bat for Team Unrolled. I do think that the roll is revolutionary. Like the partial tuck - it provides subtle structure.

I prefer long flowy shorts on just about everybody; I think they look great!

ETA: I like long flowy shorts in general, but I do not like the ombre shorts. They are just wierd, and also not flowy.

I have had good luck previously at ASOS and here are some. They have a weird search function, but these were pulled up by searching "long shorts". The homepage also has a code for 20 % off. I'm tempted by the basketball shorts myself....




I love how the dark print shorts look--much better than the ombre. I think they look fine on you so if you like them, you should feel reassure, but also I understand if you like to wear them a bit longer, then you should try to find your HEWI--definitely search for similar prints! I like a bit longer short for going out and about but that's a personal preference. I also like how the BF-type shorts give option for rolling hem-- lets you control the length and have dual options.

I'm not a fan of the length of the paisley shorts. To me, they would look too short on anyone over 35 - regardless of what their legs look like (and yours, by the way look great.) I also can not imagine them being very comfortable when you sat down - but maybe you did the sit-down test and they were ok? I much prefer the length of the GAP - but agree with you that the ombre effect (which in theory is kind of cool!) draws the eye horizontally, rather than up and down - and to me does not make you look "hippy" - but just rather short - it shortens your leg line and makes it look like your legs start down lower than what they really do. (Wow - I really slaughtered that sentence, didn't I?) I think of longer shorts as being more modern/trendy than the shorter styles - except of course for the teens and twenty-somethings who wear those that have legs that are cut off right at the crotch area!

Another vote for the paisley shorts! Considering you are standing barefoot as well, your legs are fab! (I had DH take pictures of me in a bikini standing barefoot in the sand, and then with a pair of cork wedge platforms. BIG difference! Athletic but definitely a bit stumpy when barefoot, and long and leggy with the wedges.). When you consider that YOU are barefoot AND in a change room selfie....only think what DH gets to see IRL when you style up your shorts!

The ombré shorts are just weird. The shorts. Not you.

Lands' End has a big collection of shorts, including prints, in their recent catalogue.

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Just another thought on 'short' shorts: the width of leg opening matters a lot in both how short they feel and possible ride up. I have some 5" inseam that feel shorter than a 3.5" pair, because the leg opening is cut snugger to the thigh.

Janet, I can't stop scrolling through the forum and thinking I have a problem with SPORTS illustrated too. Hahahahahaha

Good luck on your shorts quest.

Shorts are so divisive! With no connection to you and your legs, I also prefer longer shorts in general, but the decision is so fraught huh? Should I not wear them because of my legs, should I go ahead and wear them to spite my legs, should I wear them because I have great legs? Ugh!

I think the length of either short works on you. That said a skirt on myself always looks better to me unless the shorts I'm wearing are skinny, long, dark denim. I have two heavy duty short cotton skirts with shorts underneath I can clamber over ruins and tree-trunks wearing if necessary. Or I wear cargo clamdigger length things and lean RATE UWP. I trekked around Nepal wearing a wrap cotton skirt over leggings or gym shorts and it was great, worked fine.

So I'd wear shorts if you like them and feel happy in them, otherwise, why bother?

Thanks, everyone, for helping me analyze and giving me some feedback and ideas. I realized something yesterday when I took the puppy out for a run -- my running shorts are not long, maybe a 5" inseam?, but I actually think they're more flattering than many other shorts are on me. Perhaps it's the curved hem. I wonder if it would be worth looking at some similar styles, but not quite as gear-ish. I found the Asos shorts below and wondered if in the Tall version they might work for me. I like the print very much. They don't list an inseam length.

Rabbit, it's so funny -- I have a harder time with skirts than with shorts, even. Skirts just seem to emphasize the expanse of my hips. At least pants and shorts visually divide the area, if you know what I mean.

Isis, I like those Asos basketball shorts -- I just wish the color palette was more in line with what I have in my closet. The flower ones are really cool, but I don't think that pattern placement would be too flattering on me.

Carla, I'll check out LE, thanks! I may also have to try the Gap ones Angie recommended.

Again, many thanks, all!

Oh, I like the idea of finding some in a similar cut to the running shorts. There seem to be a lot of soft, rayon and silk, drapey shorts out there this year, as opposed to just denim and chino fabrications. You might luck out! (oh, and I've even seen leather 'Dolphin' shorts, so curved hems should also be easier to find ;))

Heh, funny you should mention running shorts. I came across these when I was searching for shorts:

ETA: Just realized you were looking for patterned shorts! These Caslon ones are cute too:


or the shorter inseam, wider opening ones:


I like the paisley ones and I think your legs look lovely in them. I think I am similar shape to you and find shorts also hard, too long is frumpy and stumpy, and too short feels bare! Mid length is about right but hard to find, especially in a pattern.

If you love the paisley I would go with it.

I just tend to wear quite classic shorts and funk up shoes and tanks or shirts, accepting the shorts are not the hero. It kind of works!

I love the paisley shorts on you, Janet. They look great all the way around to me, but I know everyone has their own "sweet spot" when it comes to proper shorts length, PSL?

I think you look great in shorts! The only thing that really jumped out at me was that the ombré seems like it is backwards on the Gap shorts! I think if it was reversed so blue on top and white on bottom they'd be more magical! Those last ones you linked are cool too.