I wear a daily "uniform" of 3 pieces: pants or skirts (about evenly), a top, and a blazer. I'm looking for ideas for a structured layering piece that "reads" like a blazer, but has temperature weight for spring and summer (A/C). I wore out a linen blazer in black a few year ago, so that's an idea. I'm a creative dramatic traditionalist if you can imagine that.

Other key features for particular features: I'm broad shouldered, hourglass, and long waisted. Translates into single-breasted with at least 2 buttons. I'm happily silver-topped, and prefer cool-tones. In fact, to simplify the mix and match, I limit my colors to neutrals in black, white, or light grey, and accents in true red, Royal blue, Royal purple, and a blue-leaning Aqua.

If anyone loves the hunt, I'm happy for some ideas.