Hello everyone! Just signed up as I was searching high and low for some advice on how to store your cashmere sweaters! I found a post from 3 years ago and thought I'd like to resurrect it. I bought about 6 cashmere sweaters last winter, and have stored them in a plastic bin. Just opened it and discovered 2 of my favorites have moth holes in the arms! Yikes. I did put some moth packets in the bin a year ago. Now I just pulled out about 10 of my sweaters and put each one in an individual zip lock bag in the freezer. I plan on doing my other 8 or so cashmere sweaters after these. But, then what is the best way to store them all? Should I purchase some cloth sweater bags which hold 3 or 4 sweaters and just store them under my bed? I find such conflicting info on the internet. Some say don't store in plastic, they can't breath, others say put each one in an individual zip lock. I live in a very hot climate, and moths love my woolens. Have had some very expensive wool designer blazers ruined which were in a back closet in our home. Any tried and true advice would be so helpful! Does anyone know THE BEST way and proper way to store them? Thank you so much. And I look forward to this site! Violettt~