Could you order the Fluevogs and compare to the Dune Londons, returning the one you like the least? I understand the fit problem. Our feet are all different. Many think of Clarks as a comfort shoe, but they don't fit me. I feel like I fall between sizes. The Dune Londons are certainly priced well. I am thinking of the pair of tan suede that look like SE Pettys but am not sure I want to add tan to my wardrobe. At under $30 they are very tempting.

Joy, I hadn't thought of ordering the Fluevogs--that's a possibility! I tried them on in store--twice, in fact--and I didn't want to go back and try them again unless I was pretty sure I wanted to get them.
Here's where I'm at, though. I kept the Dune Londons but did not yet wear them. I saw another pair, called Peppie, by the same brand and have ordered them. I have kind of high hopes for them; they have a lower heel and taller shaft than the Parnell and an almond rather than rounded toe. They are a little more expensive, but just over $100 (from Dune London, where I found my size; they are less at another place I found them, but not in my size), so still a bargain. Part of my original hesitation on the Fluevogs was that they are so nice. As in, the leather is so soft and nice, I would be afraid of ruining them. And I was really looking for a lower heel, although the heel could work for me; it's not a deal-breaker.

eta: Oh, and I hear you on Clarks. I'm that way with Eccos. Almost always between sizes. Though my recent sneakers from them seem to be the right size, despite the annoying break-in period that they are requiring!

Bumping, since I added an update at the top.

I hope the Peppies work out for you. They are a great looking bootie.

Good choice. They are a great looking boot.

I love them too. And I'm really into looks with comfort. We're cracking out the booties this week in NZ- Easter is over and Autumn is really here. I love booties