Thanks for building out what has been a very interesting thread Una and all. Ruth, Angie may not want to rob you of your Manolos, but I do

Peri, FWIW and from what I've seen (do correct me if I'm wrong), your style consists of a daily uniform of black pants, black sneakers - both E's - and a statement top or scarf. Easy, and the items have been identified into categories. (Fun for those who enjoy the analysis). You add a cardigan when you're cold, or possibly a jacket - some are E's and some are S's. You don't have the need to create a wardobe with many moving parts and lots of variety at this point. If you did, you'll probably find it helpful to define your Essentials so that you can pull together outfits more easily. Hope that makes some sense.

Ann, only if I can fight you for that ooolala shockmonkey (?) dress! And your MaxMara coat! And and...

Yes Angie, that's probably it. Both my fashion needs and my understanding of fashion are still pretty rudimentary at this point!