Sal, you are so insightful! You hit it spot-on: when we get it right, it is SO right! I definitely think of your gold bomber and teddy coat as signature for you - they look amazing on you and I definitely associate them with you as "your" pieces. Goodness knows I have lots of louder pieces that collect dust in my closet... I wonder what makes one statement become a workhorse over another??? hmmm...

My statement workhorses aren't very statement-y, but they do offer just enough interest to my typical jeans+tee uniform. My Big Sur jade bracelet is worn almost daily, even at home. The silver ring was made by a former teacher, and dear friend, of mine.

Thanks Angie - I didn’t think about sunglasses but they are a statement. I wear my pairs very often through necessity and I love them!

TG- no need to wear statements!. You do have some bright tops but I agree that your style is more mix and match of classic pieces. And I love it on you!!

Nuancedream- lovely pieces. I always am drawn to your choice of pattern.

Nemosmom- lovely pieces. I think you tend to be like me with lots of essentials with one or two statements in each look. Your aviator jacket and jewelry are stunning.

Style fan - shame about those pants. bijou - we could play a game!