Yes! I knew there had to be someone around here who had done this before. And those socks are hilarious. I see why you’re showing them off.

Fashintern, to me, BRIGHT/NON-NEUTRAL socks are statement socks. And in my opinion, the "statement" effect is not weakened by matching them to an item near my face. This is not traditional matching. The traditional way of styling would be to match socks with either trousers or shoes.

DK's socks are in a NEUTRAL pattern (or at least look so on my screen).

You sound angry, and I have no idea why.

Me? Not angry at all.

FASHINTERN- I am not that good at knitting and I don't think they breed sheep or fashion acrylic for steel like properties...hahaha. Wish they did. It is just one of those things that I have just come to accept. I make up for it in my scarf collection- YAY!