Grass free is brilliant. Our Kingston house has a patio garden, no grass. We love it. The front has a big tree and mostly ground cover, with a few day lilies and shrubs as well. It's great. We'd like something similar if we buy in the west (which is yet to be determined -- another year of rental). Coincidentally, the rental property also has a beautiful grass free garden!

Fashintern, there are places where one can maintain beautiful grass lawns without a lot of watering/maintenance. Neither the Front Range nor Southern California are amongst those places!

Roxanna, the numbers are really a jumping off point, but I find my comments from the previous year equally as helpful. And it's more and more helpful as the years go on!

Suz, if we had gone for a regular house instead of small-lot one, a patio garden or pool would have been our preference. I do need a lot of green in my life, but I'll fulfill that with houseplants and our little rooftop oasis!

What? Sorry, but no. Monocultures simply do not occur naturally, and there is no grass that grows at that height. I’m confused as to why you’re defending them when you don’t have one, but a natural lawn simply isn’t possible. Anywhere.

Enjoy your rooftop.

Very true, Jenn, it will be interesting to see what wears and how much. It's tempting for me to use a sign of wear in a less-favorite piece as an excuse to go buy a replacement. I know you won't do that!

Pulls out the popcorn.

Lisa, lol. It’s easy to complain about climate change, but skipping backyards is a thing we can do to slow that change.

I’m not complaining or arguing about anything , and this is not the place to do it , regardless .

Jenn, love your geek-out ... I can picture the spreadsheet and it makes me happy

Your wardrobe sounds like it's functioning really well, and your closet looks amazing!

Lisa, this is more talking to me than I thought you wanted to do. Over on the Polar Bear post, I got the (apparently mistaken) impression that climate change is something that concerns you.

*carries off FI and LP to seperate rooms*
"I don't care who started it....Be nice...You're making your other sisters sad...We love you both...."
Yup I do a lot of that at home!

I agree Suntiger. I enjoy interacting with both but these threads get spoiled. I would prefer to reply to Jenn about her awesome number crunching!

Jenn rocks
And I'm willing to trade houses November-March if you miss the cold!

Same here ! I’m not interested in the side bits that veer off topic . I know better than to engage and apologize for that . We are discussing Jenn’s wardrobe planning , not the environment .

ST, you’re right—I need to learn to let it go. Was simply complexed at the combo of the carefully planned wardrobe many of us admire vs the defense of lawns. That’s it.

Fashintern, noting that it's easier to grow a lawn in Scotland than Los Angeles is neither attacking nor defending the practice, and was not meant to be a statement of my values. I won't be interacting any more on that topic.

torontogirl, I have the spreadsheet color coded. Items turn green when they hit 30 wears and it's SOOOOO satisfying.

Ginger, you give me too much credit! There have definitely been items this year that I've passed on after very few wears (I just sold my leather jacket on eBay, for example), but the numbers do show my decisions getting better! Like anything, it takes mindfulness and practice.

Jenni NZ, not bad for an English major, eh?

suntiger, package up a snowstorm for me, won't you?

You can have all my snowstorms

I love posts like this and it is so interesting seeing your numbers. You have a beautiful wardrobe and I can't wait to see what changes the move brings.

Yes, Jenn -- thanks again for this! I've made my spreadsheet over the past few days and will really enjoy having it as a reference. My wardrobe is in about the 300 piece territory: *much* higher than I anticipated, and something I will definitely keep in mind as I wear and shop going forward.

Cheryl, I found myself considering WHITE the other day. That would be a shocker!

notsaf, I wonder how living with a capsule wardrobe for a year will affect you! It’s going to be super-I retesting, and I hope you have time to report in!

oooh, I'd love to get my hands on your closet. I very much admire your practical make me want to sort through my wardrobe.