Sterling and Sal - your comments made something click into place to me. I have a large wardrobe, larger than I want, though fairly cohesive and organized. So, I have 18 pairs of jeans. I wear jeans every single day, so they do actually collect quite a few wears (365 / 18 = 20 wears each on average). I used to rotate them out because they had worn out (too faded, ripped, etc). But these days it's more often that my size has changed a bit, or because my style preferences shifted (higher waists, recently).

I never did the math to realize that a smaller jeans collection would be more robust. I'd wear things out faster, so the natural replacement cycle would match changes in my size or style.

On the other hand, my style is pretty consistent over time and things other than jeans tend to stay in my closet for years. So maybe somewhere in between is ideal for me.

My favorite sort of post! I tend to wear my clothes out, with the exception of true mistakes (fit/sizing/style), which I usually try to consign or sell. Giving myself permission to say goodbye to items when they're worn but could be mended is a big struggle for me. I'm wearing sneakers right now that just started to come apart where the sole meets the upper. I feel I ought to put some shoe glue on them when I get home, or at least keep them around as lawn-mowing shoes. They have many many wears (and more importantly, many miles), so I shouldn't feel bad about letting them go, but I do.

It sounds to me like your current wardrobe will transition easily to SoCal life. A temperate climate allows for lots of silhouette play and will give those skirts, dresses, and lightweight toppers lots of opportunities to be useful.

I love reading thoughtful analysis like this. And really interesting to see all the pics organized that way. What app do you use?

DD is heading off to college in SoCal soon from our mountain climateand I was grappling with many of these transition issues while helping her shop. I kept saying no more sweaters! You need skirts and shorts!

And we are headed to both Universal and the Happiest Place on Earth soon so I need to be thinking about my theme park capsule!

Joy, you make me laugh. You're right, though! Kids do a number on clothing, and lifestyle makes a huge difference in how quickly clothes wear out. I take care of my clothes, but I also expect a lot out of them and I'm not precious.

Thank you, jussie. I don't always succeed, but I'm trying.

Thanks, runcarla.

Jane, and I was just thinking this morning that I'll probably need a beach capsule too!

Greyscale, you have the perfect climate for wearing jeans daily. Here, they're unwearable for at least two months out of the year. I do enjoy feeling like I really wear things out.

La Pedestrienne, the mending thing is true for me, too! I am not a good sewer, but I can at least do basic mending, and have many items that have been patched, overdyed, or repaired. Sometimes, though, it forces me to confront that I'm really over something, and just need to let it go.

karen13, I use Closetspace, but I did a little image manipulation to combine screenshots here. We love theme parks, and will probably get an annual pass to Universal Studios, too, as they're surprisingly inexpensive. I'll just wear my wizarding robes to Hogwart's, though. (Okay, I don't really own wizard robes... I do have a Ravenclaw cardigan, though. It's the gray one in the sweaters photo.)

Your wardrobe is so trim! I admire your discipline, and I love these posts.

I've grudgingly accepted that my wardrobe will probably always be a little larger than I'd like, because it has to cover casual to business formal and everything in between, in a region with pretty severe seasonal swings. But I really like the idea of having a smaller wardrobe where things wear out faster... that creates more space for updates or shifts in preferences. Something to aim for.

Definitely heavy on the toppers and scarce on pants, but its ok if thats what works for your climate. I envy your organization skills, and your impending move-lucky!

I really enjoyed reading your post and especially like how you compared your items to those you had last year. I can see how the numbers would be very helpful. You have a gorgeous wardrobe that is well planned and coordinated. Thank you for sharing your pics!

I enjoyed your analysis, Jenn. You are very stylish, and know exactly what you're doing. Your wardrobe is passionate sport and it shows. Inspirational. You SHOULD be proud.

Onto more bottoms

Nomad, this has made me start thinking of ways to make my wardrobe even smaller. I don't think I need everything I have, so it'll be fun to see how the numbers shake out by next year.

suntiger, I may not have a lot of pants, but when you add in other bottoms like jeans, skirts, and dresses, I end up with 21 bottoms, which is really more than enough! Toppers are definitely essentials here in Colorado, since the temperature range is often 40° in a single day (even today, solidly in summer, we have a 35° difference between day and night).

Mainelady, thanks for taking the time to comment! It is interesting to see the numbers year over year.

Angie, "passionate sport." I love it, and it's true. I enjoy the game as much as I enjoy wearing my clothes.

Jeans+pants+skirts=14. Last year it was 15, with the balance more to jeans, less to skirts than this year. I don’t really know S Cal weather, but I suspect you might be more comfortable in skirts than in jeans there.

Good catch, fashintern, and if you include dresses too, it's 21 vs 23 last year. Really not that much of a functional difference.

These are my favorite type of posts - really thought provoking. Thank you!

I'm still in the early phases of wardrobe documenting (and with a large wardrobe it's intimidating), but I hope to be able to put some of your advice to work.

My aha of the day was the comment on wear. I have no problem mending hems or fixing tears, but rarely have the need to do so. So maybe I'm not getting as many wears as I could before donating. Worth thinking about.

BTW - 100% agree on the theme park capsule. Clothes that move well, work in heat, and you won't cry over when someones ice cream comes flying at you!. Good luck!