Early this morning, the sudden urge to sort through my jeans overtook me and I found myself in the walk-in closet trying on every single pair! Does anyone else do this, or is it only me?! (It was 5 am so I was doing my best not to allow hangars to rattle and clang.). In any case, I discovered that I am no longer happy with low rise jeans. My skeletal frame is built with a high rise, so mid rise jeans effectively become low rise jeans when I wear them. Likewise, high rise jeans, which seem to have 9-10 inch rises, effectively become mid rise. I quickly pulled the remaining “mid rise” jeans from my closet to give away, keeping only two. One is a perfectly fitting, grey colored, pair of mid rise, coated, Joes skinny jeans, which bookends my hair. The other are straight leg, mid rise jeans, which I plan to replace with a pair that has a higher rise. I have discovered my first specific shopping item for 2018 - High rise straight leg jeans in an even, medium to medium dark indigo wash, without any rips, fringe, embroidery, or frills.

New and old: I have retired several pair of jeans this year, and purchased a few also. I retired all but one pair of my bootleg crop jeans. This is not my best look and I expect to retire the remaining pair next summer. I wore through a few pair of my favorite JCrew jeans, but replaced only one. The Frame denim crop split hem Jean from NAS was my best denim purchase. Something about them felt fresh, wonderful, happy and right! They were an unexpected surprise. My best guess is that the split up the front helps make my proportionally short legs look longer. They draw the eye up and down vertically.

After my morning closet frenzy, I realized that before moving forward, I need to look back. I started to hunt through my old posts. I knew I had one about jeans. Last years post should be here:
https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....-and-pants If you take the time to read, it is clear that I have been working on two things with my jeans: 1. Increasing variety. 2. Decreasing overall numbers. I think I have had some moderate success in this area. After I pulled the remaining mid-rise jeans for my giveaway bin, my total number of jeans is 30. The total number has gone down from 34 to 30 in a year. I started with 40, maybe more than that because 40 is from three years ago.

Thirty still seems like a large number of jeans, even knowing that I split my jeans into two seasonal capsules, with 15 pairs in each. I certainly don’t wear all of my jeans in a month. My winter capsule has the fewest options for variety. I wear jeans with boots because of the weather, and long skinny jeans work best for this purpose, so I have lots of them. The thought of sitting with wet denim after wide legs have dragged through slush and snow doesn’t sound appealing. Any thoughts about adding variety besides color, and texture/seaming would be appreciated.

I need to do more thinking about the numbers. I still want to reduce. I don’t have a formal target number in mind right now, but I know the number of jeans is still too high. I will continue to prune it slowly in 2018 as my current capsule wears out. I have replaced pairs only if the shade of the wash was necessary for me to make certain outfits. I also purchase to add variety. Otherwise, I let the numbers dwindle.

What do you think? What is your process for evaluating needs in 2018?