I broke my shopping hiatus last week. I'm and expat and I find clothes cheaper and easier to find when I'm back in the US, so I am pretty much on a ban/hiatus when I'm back home. However, when I go to the USA, all bets are off

A few years ago, I made monthly trips. I would spend tons of money, living off of the shopping high I got by waltzing into stores and buying on a whim. Bringing full suitcases back home each month didn't faze (sp) me. With a helpful nudge from DH to observe my habits, I've scaled WAY back. Actually, on my last post, I discussed how I'm actually feeling a bit overwhelmed bc by NOT shopping, I've created more gaps and needs in my wardrobe, but that's a deeper dive for another day. At least by not buying so often, I clearly see what I have and what I need, vs what I want.

I haven't bought much of anything since mid-2016 and haven't been to the USA since Nov 2016.

I was feeling blah with my tried-and-true formula, though it's easy and thoughtless. I decided to refresh for spring and summer with a few items that hit some trends, spark some interest and feel like classics-leaning me, yet still allow me to replicate that formula that works so well (just with some new pieces).

The items I got were:

1. Jeans (Old Navy) - yay, skinny/straight jeans that aren't super tight. Not sure if I sized up or they're my actual size, but I tried for a less calf-sucking fit in a medium/dark wash this time.
2. Kut boyfriend jeans w/a big roll at the cuff (Rack)- probably not the height of fashion, but I'm not that person anyway. Maybe it's just me, but I find the big cuff helps balance my huge calves and my plus size pear shape. I like the higher cotton content on the Kut jeans and the lower rise allows for semi-tucking.
3. HIP black floral boho blouse (Rack) - nice and flowy for summer, but with arm coverage I want. Floral since that's apparently popular now (I officially live under a rock, and am not on YLF nearly enough).

4. Sejour cream 3/4 sleeve blouse (Rack) - the fabric on this is divine, found on sale but it came from full line store. This will hopefully replace the short sleeve cream top that's not as flowy as I'd like anymore.

5. Knit tunic (Rack) - an EF knockoff for $17? Sure, I'll give it a whirl. Navy. Would have duplicated if they had more colors in my size, simply bc of the price.

6. Knox Rose (Target) blouse - another short sleeve top for summer, wish they sleeves had more coverage but I'll deal for when it's hot out. I've worn it once but didn't feel fab in it, we'll see if this becomes a mistake purchase. I'll pair it with different bottoms next time to see.
7. beaded necklace - Artizan via DFW airport (more below). Substantial and I already know this style helps draw vertical lines, so it's a necklace shape go-to for me.
8. Floral blouse (Artizan) - can be worn regular or off shoulder, I tried on three sizes to get the perfect fit!
9. Floral cold shoulder blouse (Artizan) - wow, I think cold shoulders work for me! Excellent tummy coverage.

To my Canadian friends: so....I had WAY too much time to kill in the Dallas Fort Worth airport and since I'm there way too often, I know where the few shops are. I popped in to Artizan, apparently a Canadian label, having never bought there before. I'd say a good 50-75% read Chicos-like, meaning, for me, a little too beaded, a little too (no offense) South Florida ladies who lunch. HOWEVER...without even knowing, I picked a few pieces from their spring/summer 2017 collection and wow, they're winners! The fabrics are really nice, I can tell a substantial difference between them and the Target and HIP shirts, for example (and price-wise they're more expensive, so I'd expect it, but still). The floral designs and cut of the tops seem to be more on-trend for the season.

I'd be curious if any YLF-ers wear Artizan by Robin Barre?
So, what's next?

Wear what I bought. Don't save it for an occasion. See what works and what doesn't. Try not to be afraid to buy again, if I go that long between trips again. Know I'll make mistakes but through my effort hopefully they will be less frequent. Allow for spontaneous purchases that pull the heart strings. Let them be and enjoy them as much as the pre-planned ones.

Based on my last analysis post, the next area of focus will be mom on the go / athleisure. I will likely be in the USA in May and am planning to revamp that area of my closet next. I really like Lucy, has anyone else discovered the brand/store? I like to go to the Lucy store in Kansas City when I'm there. I like that they're expanding their size range to include plus sizes, though their XL tends to fit me pretty well. What I really like is that the size of the store is manageable so I don't get overwhelmed. I can walk out with a capsule of 4-6 pieces that all work together, saving me time and energy when it comes time to get dressed.

Another desire is to find the perfect breton top - Suz and Angie's fault!!

Thank you for reading, any feedback or comments are welcome!