I don't think the monogramming is that obvious on the scarf. It looks like an abstract pattern unless you look close. Both shoes are cute and I love the soft colors. I hope they end up working out for you.

Fabulous. Your blue complement is going to come together in no time!

BEAUTIFUL blue shoes with the bag! Make sure they go the distance since you are a city walker like me.....

Beautiful shoes and I am very disappointed that I have to send them back. They are definitely not city walking shoes. So far I have recived this 4 items and 3 are going back - both pair of shoes and BR top. Top is wrong pink for me - it is much more dusty pink in real life and I look naked in it. I am still thinking about the scarf, since I already got another light blue scarf, not sure if I need two.

25% doesn’t sound outrageously bad to me. I can easily see doing that with things I take to a dressing room in a brick & mortar store, and with mail order you get some things that you wouldn’t even try on, because you don’t know quite what they’ll look/feel like. I recently did that with an S Oliver black label sweater—was all excited to get it, loved the color in the bag, ripped it open, grabbed the sweater, and just said no. The feel was all wrong.

Ps. Please remind me of the maker of your white boots. Also, I hope those boots are among the things you can still wear!

Late to this post - sorry I love your selected colours for Spring! I picked out an almost identical palette last year , and couldn't find any pieces in the colours I wanted (pale blue, yellow, tomato red etc) . It took the wind out my sails for future planning. I really like the CK scarf , but the monogram everywhere might turn me off too. Hard to say from the picture.

Gorgeous colour palette. The CK scarf is beautiful. So hard to say about the monogram when the scarf is tied up. It might not be so obvious.

Rrr-monograms...I hadn't noticed it before on the scarf but now I do. Love the colors though!

Your color palette is gorgeous and I admire your wardrobe planning discipline!! **studying**