I have already started my spring and summer shopping mostly because I added a couple of things right at the start of autumn (linen blazer and wide leg pants, I added a couple of pieces whilst in the sunshine in Broome on vacation that I am yet to wear (cream sandals and shirt) and a couple of transitional pieces during winter (the floral dress which I have been wearing with tall boots but will now wear with sneakers, and the slip skirt).

I have a few lightly worn pieces from last summer as our weather was so wet that lots of pieces only got a small amount of wear.

I feel pretty well sorted for the most casual and the most dressy of occasions - but knowing me I will want a refresh especially in that middle ground.

Gaps I am thinking of filling are

  • cotton sweater 
  • a new pair of shoes or sandals as a refresh
  • trousers/pants in a colour with a matching top
  • extra long sleeve linen or cotton top (cover up)

What don't I need

  • shorts 
  • sundress
  • casual tees
I will add a second group of finds with older pieces that I am looking forward to wearing again - the ones I am longing to wear.

In terms of events - I do have an upcoming 50th, a potential black tie awards night (to be confirmed), a USA work trip in late October and a wedding.  I am mostly sorted except for the black tie night....

Ideas are welcome - things you think would suit me and my style - or things you have enjoyed this year!!

Thanks in advance