I blame this on Angie. I can't blame it on myself, clearly. Right?

Any of you who know me know that I can't seem to hide from my preppy inner girl. I've tried, really tried, but it just seems impossible to flee. I'm coming to terms with it. One of the clear signs is my deep and abiding love of a fabulous blazer.

(Which means I bought the NAS Smythe blazer that was an Angie pick, and not surprisingly it is amazing. It's the most expensive piece of clothing I've ever bought apart from boots, but I'm hopping up and down waiting for the weather to cool off. Its happiness factor is off the charts.)

SO. Here we are. One indispensable wardrobe item for anyone with a single preppy gene is the navy blazer. I've looked high and low for the right one. Something that's stylish but with longevity, well-made, and versatile. It's been a surprisingly tough hunt. But WAIT. I see today that this Smythe blazer is available. It is on sale, and I have a gift card. I can't (and won't) buy it full-price, but I could get it for around $350.

Tell me that I have gone mad, that buying not one two TWO very expensive blazers in a month is nuts, and that I can find something perfectly fine that is not so outrageous. Or that it will look awful, and is made for long-waisted figures, that the back cut-out is bizarre, that eating macaroni and cheese for a month is not worth it...